Sperkle Highlander Head Admin & Media Coordinator

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Highlander Staff Updates

While our staff team will remain mostly the same as last year, there will be a few changes moving into the first season of the year. To start, we would like to welcome our newest Highlander admin hive. He has played on a variety of teams at varying skill levels. From winning intermediate to creating and leading a new highlander team in open this past season we believe his experience and insight will be of great benefit to our admin team.

Unfortunately, it comes with a heavy heart that bird, will be stepping down as the Highlander Head Administrator and Member of the Staff Team for ozfortress. Bird has been the Head Highlander Administrator since the format was brought over to ozfortress in 2022. Prior to this she was the Head Admin for RSL for its last season with years of administration work with in the league prior. Without her input, impact and commitment over the years the format would not be were it is today. Thank you for your service bird and best wishes for the future. o7

From Autumn '24 (S6), I (Sperkle) will be stepping into the role as the Head Highlander Administrator and look forward to continue contributing to the league.

New Rules Coming into effect

You can find the full thread of changes here if you're curious. However, the ones below specifically pertain to Highlander and will be coming into effect as of this season.

Secondary Match Days:
- Secondary Match Days fall on Monday and Tuesday for Highlander. These days are now considered playable match days if both teams agree to play on them and do not need any admin approval as would be needed for an extension. However, teams are not required to play on these days and may select to prefer the primary days (Wednesday - Sunday).

Class Restriction Limit:
- We haven't yet to decide if we will implement a Class Restriction Limit for rosters outside of Premier. However, once seedings are finalized we will retroactively add a Class Restriction Limit if need be.

Individual Player Transfer Limit:
- A player may only be allowed to change roster twice during an active season.

Reasonable Mercenary Requests:
- A player who is completely unrestricted in a division below that in which a match is being played is considered a reasonable mercenary request and should be approved without any restrictions.

Reasonable Mercenary Requests:
- The class restrictions of a player still apply when accepted as a mercenary. They are prohibited from playing those restricted classes in divisions below where the restriction was set.

Minimum Players in Matches:
- Teams are expected to play with a full roster (9 players).

Out-of-Region Players:
- In-game ping limit for out-of-region players has been reduced to 180. Stipulations apply.

Class Restriction Non-Compliance:
- Players playing as a class they are restricted on during a match will receive a Tier 2 infraction.

Inbound Transfer Limit Per Season:
- Rosters may only transfer in a maximum of 6 players during the season.