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Closing in on Season 37!

It's not far now, but Season 37 will come after our Autumn Action cups. Before that though, we need to congratulate our winners and runner-ups for Sixes Season 36. All in all it was an enlightening season and we are looking to make crucial changes to the ruleset and our processes going forward. However lets ignore the boring stuff for now, because we have awards to hand out!

Congratulations Premier winners Witness Gaming!

Each and every season the ozfortress Premier Grand Finals represents a clash of the titans, the best of the best that Australasian Team Fortress has to offer, and this season was no different.

Witness Gaming, the decorated and dominant, LAN proven super team has shown us stellar performances since its inception. Their opponents, thunderbirds are a powerful reincarnation of the Sesame Street roster, the Season 35 Premier second place team. Will thunderbirds be able to bring the thunder? Or are Witness Gaming destined to deny them first place once again?

The first map in the set, Sunshine, picked by Witness Gaming, starts us off strong, ultimately giving us an impressive 4-1 scoreline in favour of Witness Gaming. Our second map, Granary, although being the pick of thunderbirds, could not be claimed by them. In spite of a 300 DPM performance from lexx, thunderbirds were not able to prevent the dominant 5-0 sweep from Witness Gaming in under 21 minutes.

Moving on to the final map, the decider, with thunderbirds on the ropes, our teams load into Snakewater. This is the second map pick from Witness Gaming and the decider for the series. It was also one of the maps that Witness Gaming used to beat thunderbirds in their Upper Page match, clearly Witness Gaming intend for history to repeat itself.

The map was hard fought and a fantastic watch, giving us impressive 30+ kill performances from both cooki and dauq, as well as a clean 357 DPM showing from matt. However, in line with their well executed performances earlier in the series Witness Gaming closed it out 5-2.

This fantastic series showcased the skill and craft that Premier Grand Finals is known for, hats off to all these players for giving us all something great to watch on a Tuesday night! Also to note, Witness Gaming's flawless performance in the Grand Finals marked a perfect season for them. They did not lose a single map throughout the entire season, a remarkable feat that showcased their exceptional talent and dedication. Witness Gaming's dominant display in the Grand Finals and their unbeaten run exemplified their status as the team to beat in the ozfortress seasons to come.


1st - Witness Gaming
2nd - thunderbirds
3rd - 5%


Sunshine - 4 - 1
Granary - 5 - 0
Snakewater - 5 - 2
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Best Combo Scout: cooki
Best Flank Scout: dauq/90210
Best Pocket: conor
Best Roamer: down and feyn
Best Demoman: matt and enrith
Best Medic: Doge.exe has stopped working and lau
Best Utility: AUZ

Most Improved Player: ALT
Most Valuable Player: cooki

Friendliest Team: Altombo's Kittens and Goon Squad
Most Improved Team: Altombo's Kittens and thunderbirds
Best Dressed Team: Goon Squad
Best Caster: Elmo

Congratulations Intermediate winners bob the digger!

Really, bob the digger had a long fight in the form of the Inter finals ahead of them to claim the crown. Enshrined on the intermediate altar were their mortal enemies (and upper bracket gaming pals) no imports in peak form to take their chance at the crown. The first map: snakewater, where bob the digger had already taken a map in the upper bracket. At the outset, no imports came out all-guns-blazing with some fantastic play to take the map to a golden cap at 1-1, where, despite the absolute mammoth effort from turris, bob the digger only just managed to take the edge after 4 and a half more minutes of gameplay, taking the finals to map 2: viaduct. Reaching into the depths, no imports come into their pick here strong, having taken it 3-1 in the regular season, and after a cool clean shutout on the back of turris' frankly ridiculous DPM, took the map with a screaming scoreline of 3-0, delivering an absolute rinsing to bob the digger to take the match to a 3rd map in the form of gullywash. Despite the fact that bob the digger picked this map, it didn't make it easy for them, as the map kicked off with a back and forth over the course of about 20 minutes to end in a deadlock of 2-2. Eventually, with only 10 minutes to spare, bob the digger took the final round, and soon after no imports took the mid, and began their push to win the map and ensconce themselves forever in ozfortress' Halls of Glory. Decisive glory was not to be theirs, sadly, and bob the digger took the victory on the shoulders of paray, bringing their victory home to feed the wife and kids.


1st - bob the digger
2nd - no imports
3rd - 6 players 1 crackpipe


Snakewater - 2 - 1
Product - 0 - 3
Gullywash - 3 - 2
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Best Combo Scout: turris
Best Flank Scout: HUNGRY 4 EGGS
Best Pocket: nurf
Best Roamer: Pipelin12
Best Demoman: reign
Best Medic: caspian
Best Utility: HUNGRY 4 EGGS

Most Improved Player: doc
Most Valuable Player: turris

Friendliest Team: buh
Most Improved Team: 6 players 1 crackpipe
Best Dressed Team: buh
Best Caster: AUZ

Congratulations Main winners 6Sins!

In the highly anticipated Main Grand Finals of ozfortress Season 36, the stage was set for an epic clash between Salt Free Gaming and 6 Sins. As the two teams battled it out, it became clear that age was not just a number for Salt Free Gaming. Despite their experience and seasoned approach, the sands of time seemed to catch up with them. 6 Sins, on the other hand, proved that youth and agility can triumph over the wisdom of years. With lightning-fast reflexes and impeccable coordination, 6 Sins outpaced their opponents at every turn. While Salt Free Gaming fought valiantly, their attempts to keep up with the swift pace of their opponents often resembled a sluggish dance routine from yesteryears. In the end, 6 Sins emerged as the champions, leaving Salt Free Gaming to contemplate the cruel realities of Father Time. Nevertheless, Salt Free Gaming's legacy as an OG team in the ozfortress scene remains intact, even if their agility may have waned over time.


1st - 6Sins
2nd - Salt Free Gaming.
3rd - Mikcow: Clippy bro, you gotta look up.....


Sunshine - 3 - 1
Reckoner - 5 - 1
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Best Combo Scout: Pride
Best Flank Scout: xander
Best Pocket: cooleverest
Best Roamer: scandalous
Best Demoman: catfish
Best Medic: snazzy
Best Utility: scandalous

Most Improved Player: Doctrine
Most Valuable Player: catfish

Friendliest Team: Salt Free Gaming.
Most Improved Team: devious team
Best Dressed Team: 6Sins
Best Caster: Elmo

Congratulations Open winners The Ferrari Strategists!

The Ferrari Strategists entered Open playoffs as the favourite to win it all, they had remained undefeated throughout the whole season and were showing no signs of slowing down. However, after an suprise lose at the hands of blu team in the upper page playoffs securing a Grand Finals spot for blu team and throwing a spanner in the works for Mikcow’s grand plans of a first place Open badge. Nonetheless, The Ferrari Strategists perservered, beating emgee and the egirls in the Semi Finals securing their spot in the Grand Finals. The first map was Sunshine, Avo applied what he had learned after many seasons under the apprenticeship of the legendary frydog winning with a convincing 3-0 victory. It seemed that blu team had ran out of juice after losing sunshine, they lost the second map Bagel in a short 3-0 steamroll. We wish blu team all the best on their 2nd place finish and we would like to congratulate the champions of ozfortress Open Season 36 The Ferrari Strategists.


1st - The Ferrari Strategists
2nd - blu team
3rd - emgee and the egirls


Sunshine - 3 - 0
Bagel - 3 - 0
Match Thread


Best Combo Scout: Avo
Best Flank Scout: wohxye and blakey
Best Pocket: indy & her jones
Best Roamer: seo
Best Demoman: bill
Best Medic: Mikcow
Best Utility: ages

Most Improved Player: indy & her jones, Ziah and cloud
Most Valuable Player: Avo

Friendliest Team: emgee and the egirls
Most Improved Team: blu team
Best Dressed Team: Morb Fortress 2 - Morbheads
Best Caster: freaky


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