core League Director

With the next seasons of Sixes and Highlander just around the corner, we have a few updates to our staff team that we wanted to let you know about. First of all, we would like to welcome our new pickups!

Please give a warm welcome to our two new Sixes Administrators, multi and down. We cannot wait to work alongside them, and are confident they are more than up to the task. Along with some new arrivals, we have some departures and switchups. After quite a few seasons in the role we will be saying goodbye to one of our best, samson. In samson's time as both a Sixes Administrator and as Head of the Behaviour Panel/Infractions team, he has overseen nine seasons of ozfortress Sixes, and has been no small part in the infractions system, be it by making changes, or by protecting our community through it. samson will be sorely missed, and his departure brings with it some role changes for our existing staff.

Effective from Sixes Season 37, a team of ants in their prime will be moving away from his role of Sixes Head Administrator, and will become the Head of the Behaviour Panel. Whilst he is departing from his Head Administrator role, he will be remaining on as a Sixes Administrator. It is a decision we don't make lightly. We are fully confident in, and excited to see where ants can take our infractions system moving forward. We look forward to working closely with ants and the rest of the infractions team heading into the future. With samson's departure, we would also like to thank him and another, one of our anonymous panel members for their contributions to the team, and wish them both the best of luck!

Within this week we will be sending out Sixes and Highlander badges, winners threads with awards, a post detailing significant updates to our rulesets, and finalised season details for Sixes Season 37 and Highlander Season 4.