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The previous playoff schedules for Sixes and Highlander did not allow for the fourth map (for Sixes it was Logjam, and for Highlander it was Cornwater) in playoffs. Additionally, the previous match schedule for playoffs was not Page Playoffs, and sent teams instantly into Semi-Finals, and included a Bronze/Third place match alongside Grand Finals.

We feel as players are more used to Page Playoffs in their typical seasonal play, it would be best for us to revert to that system for playoffs.

What do these scheduling changes mean?

Where playoffs originally started at 7:00PM AEDT for Sixes and Highlander, both Sixes and Highlander will now start at 6:30PM AEDT on their respective days, with Semi-Finals and Grand Finals matches being moved forward 15 minutes (7:15PM & 9:15PM AEDT respectively). We typically don't like making any schedule changes after signups open but we feel most players will prefer these changes and the chance to play all of the maps in each day. You can see the full schedules for Day 2 of each weekend updated on each cup page linked below!

Sixes Cup | Highlander Cup