OZF23 - Voting Nominations

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Team Name: The Big Monstrosity
Division (Premier/Intermediate/Open): Open
Best Pocket Scout: Aino
Best Flank Scout: Clashe
Best Pocket Soldier: Eternal
Best Roaming Soldier: Pudon
Best Medic: Clarence
Best Demoman: Johnny
Best Utility: Johnny
Most Improved Player: Pudon

Team Name: twitch.tv/sskaz
Division (Premier/Intermediate/Open): Intermediate
Best Pocket Scout: Sickday
Best Flank Scout: ZiLyfe
Best Pocket Soldier: Tricka
Best Roaming Soldier: alt
Best Medic: sskaz
Best Demoman: Sao
Best Utility: alt
Most Improved Player: skazz

Team Name: i play 6s because i hate pyro
Division (Premier/Intermediate/Open): Open
Best Pocket Scout: Kat
Best Flank Scout: M3ff
Best Pocket Soldier: Dragonfru
Best Roaming Soldier: a team of ants in their prime
Best Medic: Voltage
Best Demoman: TG
Best Utility: Shy
Most Improved Player: a team of ants in their prime

Team Name: N1nja death squad
Division (Premier/Intermediate/Open): open
Best Pocket Scout: chill
Best Flank Scout: Insaaane
Best Pocket Soldier: conflux
Best Roaming Soldier: myyyst
Best Medic: t390
Best Demoman: dogroll
Best Utility: Insaaane
Most Improved Player : t390

Team Name: cut for ( essence! )
Division (Premier/Intermediate/Open): Premier
Best Pocket Scout: quest
Best Flank Scout: silvodox
Best Pocket Soldier: shupah
Best Roaming Soldier: arandomdeaddude
Best Medic: Mack
Best Demoman: Fr0Z0n3
Best Utility: silvodox
Most Improved Player: shupah

Team Name: nefarious.
Division (Premier/Intermediate/Open): Premier
Best Pocket Scout: Ben
Best Flank Scout: Spade
Best Pocket Soldier: Rky
Best Roaming Soldier: Shifta
Best Medic: Arnold
Best Demoman: Moop
Best Utility: Ben
Most Improved Player: Rky

Team Name: Xx NetfiXXX and KILL xX
Division (Premier/Intermediate/Open): Open
Best Pocket Scout: Yikes
Best Flank Scout: Cobra
Best Pocket Soldier: Donkey
Best Roaming Soldier: Phone
Best Medic: Singa
Best Demoman: Deafonline
Best Utility: Cobra
Most Improved Player: Deafonline

Team Name: ad hominem attack
Division (Premier/Intermediate/Open): Intermediate
Best Pocket Scout: sage
Best Flank Scout: sporks
Best Pocket Soldier: delphinoid
Best Roaming Soldier: samson
Best Medic: keller
Best Demoman: signedunknown
Best Utility: sage
Most Improved Player: samson