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The last rounds of the regular season have finished for Highlander Season 2! Congratulations to the teams who have made the playoffs! Playoffs matches have been generated. Your top four teams from each division are:


the war room


Patent Pending
Juno's Abusement Park
Furry Fury 2: Electric Boogaloo

Premier is already in its second round of playoffs! Tune into KritzKast to see the war room battle it out against rasgls for a spot in the Grand Final! Congratulations to peepoLean for making it as far as they have, but sadly they have been knocked out of the playoffs by rasgls!

Please see the nominations thread for Highlander S2, to be completed by Friday the 9th of December!

Please note, failure to submit nominations will result in you and your team being unable to receive any awards or be eligible for in-game medals.