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Welcome back!

It's here! ozfortress is returning from the off-season's experimental cup, bringing you one of the most significant changes we have seen for TF2 in our region. The Round Timer plugin debuts for the first time in an ozfortress seasonal league. Many of you will have likely seen the recent Insomnia 69 TF2 LAN where this plugin was featured, along with our Experimental Cup 1 tournament just recently.


You can sign up for Sixes Season 35 from Sunday the 25th of September, up until Wednesday the 5th of October. We aim to have seeding out Friday or Saturday before the season start, with the season running from Sunday the 9th of October to Thursday the 15th of December.

Major Changes

Below you will find a summarised list of the larger changes occurring in Sixes Season 35. For more information on them, see the More Info link below or visit the season page.

  • Plugin, config and format changes:
    • The Round Timer plugin, named "TF2-Improved-Round-Timer-Plugin" has been added to the configs for this season. This plugin is identical to the one used in the Experimental Cup, and in ETF2L's Sixes seasons. The round timer value is set at five minutes per community request.
    • Golden Cap configs will not see a time limit as of Season 35, as we wish to consult further with players before coming to a definitive decision. Part of this decision came from the existence of newer/alternate Round Timer plugins, one of which RGL currently uses within their Sixes seasons, where the highest round score is taken at the end of the map's time limit, and has 1 point added to it to reach a new total score either team has to reach. We have opted not to include this in Season 35 or the poll as we felt it may confuse players going into Season 35, and would like to keep the scope of new plugin and config changes narrow until we know everyone is happy with these changes.
  • Whitelist changes:
    • The Market Garden... yeah you thought - The Buffalo Steak Sandvich has been unbanned for Season 35, and we will be looking closely at feedback for it in the next poll.
    • The Market Gardener was put to vote in the poll after it's brief ban in the Experimental Cup, and returned a result to the dismay of some. The Market Gardener will remain unbanned for Season 35.
  • Map changes:
    • Prolands departs by majority vote, with its future cloudy.
    • Metalworks returns to replace Prolands. We are currently awaiting the latest version of Metalworks Pro by community mapper xobile, which features varied changes over its Refresh counterpart. We will expand on this prior to signups closing, but many poll participants wished to see the Metalworks Pro version, and have provided feedback on what they would want to see in a Pro version of Metalworks.
    • Poll participants voted to keep the same amount of KOTH maps that we have currently, thus we have rotated the KOTH maps.
    • Clearcut has enjoyed its time in the spotlight but will be taking a back seat in favour of Product for Season 35. Bagel will remain as well.
  • Transfers system changes:
    • Fortnightly transfers for Sixes will remain for Season 35, but will now be limited to two player transfers per window. This number accounts for both transfers into an Active Roster, and transfers out of an Active Roster.
    • Emergency Transfers will be held to further scrutiny in Season 35, but will still be available in case of "emergencies", but we will be open to reform not only this system but the entirety of the Transfers system in future seasons pending feedback from players and advisors.

Thanks to those who played the Experimental Cup

Your poll feedback has allowed us to discern where to make adjustments this season, and because of you - we are implementing the Round Timer plugin into Sixes Season 35 and beyond.