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artwork by soda (@Sodaboop on Twitter)

Welcome back!

That’s right, just as we promised we’re back providing you the next season of ozfortress Highlander. Just like last season, we aim to bring you fresh and healthy highlander competition similar to that of the last season with a few quality of life improvements including whitelist modifications, map pool alterations and changes to the playoff system.


You can sign up for Highlander Season 2 from Saturday the 24th of September, up until Thursday the 6th of October. We aim to have seeding out sometime between Friday and Saturday before the season begins, with the season running from Monday the 10th of October to Friday the 2nd of December. When signing up, please ensure you specify which classes each player will be playing, this will aid us in seeding your team and deciding on player restrictions.

Major changes

Below you will find a list of the larger changes occurring in Highlander Season 2. For more information on them, see the More Info link below or visit the season page.

  • Map changes:
    • Proside out, Cascade in
  • Whitelist changes:
    • Natascha banned
    • Sydney Sleeper will stay allowed
  • Playoffs changes:
    • ABBA default now only for Premier
    • Pick/Ban process changed to now mirror Sixes
    • Pick/Ban process must be complete 24 hours prior to the agreed upon match start time

Thanks for Season 1

We were delighted to see just how many ozfortress players dipped their toes into Highlander, and we hope to see you all again for Season 2!