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Thread: ozfortress bans: bible & lightning

if ozfortress goes through with this they will be losing one of their most respected and valuable community members.

Thread: OZF 33 - Voting Nominations

Team Name: mountain dew
Division (Premier/High/Intermediate/Main/Open): Main
Best Combo Scout: shark
Best Flank Scout: Macca
Best Pocket Soldier: h0tSnack
Best Roaming Soldier: Stamm
Best Medic: crying laughing emoji
Best Demoman: chief
Best Utility: clrizm
Most Improved Player: Stamm

Thread: ozfortress ban: fizz/mosy
Thread: Phices win OZF 32 Main!


this is mains best demo

Thread: ozfortress ban: Fat heavy

So this is what happens when people with agendas get control in leagues. Makes me glad I stopped playing.

Thread: Phee Phi Pho Phum win OZF 31 Open!

gg everyone, proud of my boy fatpizza

Thread: OZF 31 - Voting Nominations

Team Name: fatpoggers but we actually signed up
Division (Premier/High/Intermediate/Main/Open): Open
Best Combo Scout: donna
Best Flank Scout: brownie
Best Pocket Soldier: NigglyToes
Best Roaming Soldier: lasdog
Best Medic: crying laughing emoji
Best Demoman: ultimatepoopeater457
Best Utility: crying laughing emoji
Most Improved Player: brownie

Thread: Announcing ozfortress season 31!

clearcut :(