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Thread: OZF 32 - Voting Nominations

Team Name: xeno
Division (Premier/High/Intermediate/Main/Open): Premier
Best Combo Scout: .pandemiC
Best Flank Scout: heebs
Best Pocket Soldier: ALT
Best Roaming Soldier: feyn
Best Medic: omni
Best Demoman: matttt
Best Utility: ALT
Most Improved Player: omni

Thread: ozfortress July 2020 banwave

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Thread: ozfortress ban: Auz

posting in potentially epic thread

Thread: State v State 2020 - Player Signups

Your Discord ID: #matttt4976

Your State: VIC
Your Preferred Classes: Pock, Roam, Demo
Preferred Role: Core

Thread: ozfortress ban: foolish BEER

my mentoring is complete

Thread: ozfortress ban: trippy

can we ban another open player?

Thread: ozfortress ban: vivi

This response is related to an organisational and technical dispute between Plan Z and The Literature Club ranging from 17th March 2018 to 21st March 2018. Our team, The Literature Club, had expectations of fair and direct communication between our competitors leading into playoffs for this season. Problems arose from disagreements between team members, technical problems and availability setbacks.

Timeline of the events between the two teams in the lead up to the match:

Plan Z were asked for their availability by The Literature Club in which they responded: ‘Tuesday (20th) and Wednesday (21st) are our available days.’

The Literature Club agreed on Wednesday 21st 2018.

Plan Z made their final map selection at approximately 9:30pm (AEDT) on Tuesday 20th March 2018.

Plan Z did not select the third map for play at least 24 hours before the match time meaning they breached ozfortress rules.

Plan Z notified The Literature Club that the most reasonable time for them was 8:15pm (AEDT) because some of their players had study tasks to fulfil.

The Literature Club had one player availability problem meaning a match past 8:50pm (AEDT) would not suit and a playoff mercenary or regular mercenary would be required if allowed.

The Literature Club queried whether an earlier match time was possible in order to ensure a third map with all 6 players was played on the same night.

Plan Z rejected the idea claiming their own player availability despite having 6 core players online an hour before the match time. As shown by:

The Literature Club never received a formal response in relation to the rescheduling of a third map to be played on the night despite countless attempts made through Discord and ozfortress.

Plan Z’s most substantial response was “It won’t go to three maps as it will be a roll anyway.” As shown by:
The Literature Club, on match night at 8:15pm (AEDT) attempted to have all 6 players in the server.

Previously, The Literature Club, had problems connecting to game servers provided by ozfortress. This is due to a suspected routing problem unable to be resolved by the players themselves. During the pre-game interactions of map 1, ‘Stigma’ of The Literature Club, suffered connection issues causing him to disconnect from the game server.

The Literature Club addressed Plan Z via TF2’s in-game chat and Steam, stating the problem, and proposing that an alternative game server such as Qixalite would need to be used in order to allow the match to occur.

Plan Z, initially, were unresponsive to this proposal. They then claimed that using alternative game servers such as Qixalite, gave a similar connection issue to their core medic.

The Literature Club suspected this to be false, as Mikcow, the core medic for Plan Z, had good reliability and success in sustaining a connection to Qixalite for well over 30 minutes as shown by: , , ,

As a home team participating in ozfortress league, one of the primary responsibilities is being able to manage and organise servers. Under ozfortress rules, it is the home team (in this case Plan Z) that adjudicates whether migration to an alternative server is necessary.

The Literature Club have been given no fair resolution as players have no control over what servers they can or can’t join technically. After persistent communication attempts, The Literature Club have had no alternative to await the outcome of the opposing team.

It should not be in the hands of the opposing team to decide whether a match occurs and a team’s chances in playoffs are forfeit.

The Literature Club furthermore believes Plan Z have used deception to ensure a victory over a technical dispute by lying about their core medic’s ability to sustain a consistent connection on alternative game servers such as Qixalite.

The Literature Club asks that both teams be given a fair chance to play a third map on Qixalite servers on an agreeable deadline.