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Thread: ozfortress ban: krollic

*Ajex vlogenater *
Ozfortress players are snowflakes

The only snowflake here is the guy who used a slur because he's insecure about his height

Thread: happy feet win OZF 27 Premier!

go feyn!!!!

Thread: ozfortress ban: Trexy

ok so if your wondering how I got vacced her it is and if you don’t believe me idc cause I really know the truth, my brother wanted his laptop back for a day cause he went to a mates house and my brother used to cheat so the cheat was still on the laptop and he played a few casual games using lithium he said. and i was like "HOLY FUCK JAMES WTF DID U JUST DO" he was like oh my friend told me how to hack on tf2 so i was like yea why not, James is now grounded for 2 weeks.

Thread: ozfortress bans: Lazz and aeki


Thread: ozfortress ban: king carl

double standards