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Congratulations Premier winners happy feet


Product - 1 - 3
Granary - 4 - 0
Logjam - 3 - 2 (GC)
Sunshine - 4 - 1

Congratulations to happy feet on winning the OZF 27 Premier Grand Final against BUTTERFLY EFFECT.

After bans of Gullywash and Bagel for BUTTERFLY EFFECT and happy feet respectively, the first map was Product. A BUTTERFLY EFFECT favourite, they quickly established themselves as the favourite on the map taking the first round and putting themselves up 1 - 0. happy feet were then able to respond with a round of their own, however the powerful trio of krollic, feyn and dogroll proved to be too strong for happy feet. The next two round fell to BUTTERFLY EFFECT and they took the map 3 - 1. Star Pocket Scout on the side of BUTTERFLY EFFECT, krollic, boasted some impressive stats and paved the way for his team's victory on Product, topping the board in both the damage and frags stats.

Granary was up next, and it was on happy feet to prove that they were able to bounce back and show that they still had some tricks up their sleeve. They immediately took the first round in a convincing fashion, with the round only lasting for one minute and 51 seconds. The next round was much closer, as BUTTERFLY EFFECT looked to be finding their form again, however the veteran experience of happy feet began to shine through and they took the second round, putting themselves 2 - 0 up on the map. The momentum was in the favour of happy feet at this stage, and they were able to convert the map 4 - 0 in their favour partly due to the Roamer heroics of Elmo.. redcoatzygote topped the damage in the server, being a considerable 50 DPM higher than the next closest player. The series was tied up 1 - 1, and we were heading to Logjam.

Logjam began as a very slow moving map, with neither team wants to take risks and give up advantages. BUTTERFLY EFFECT looked like they had shaken off the rust from last map and were showing better form, taking the first round after six minutes. Happy feet then answered back with a very fast round of their own, putting the pressure on BUTTERFLY EFFECT to win their map pick. BUTTERFLY EFFECT claimed another round and were looking to be in a good position to take the map, sitting at 2 - 1 up. The pressure was on happy feet and the time was running out. However after a gruelling 13-minute round, happy feet emerged victorious and tied the map up at 2 - 2. Despite a valiant effort, neither team was able to convert the remaining 1:41 into a round and we headed into a Golden Cap. With a convincing mid win, BUTTERFLY EFFECT were looking to push onto happy feet's last point in an even Ubers situation. A huge Spy play from feyn to drop lau and sap the sentry looked like the Golden Cap was all but won for the side of BUTTERFLY EFFECT, however after a tense team fight that came down to a nerve-racking 2v2 situation, happy feet clung on to their hope of winning Logjam by wiping the side of BUTTERFLY EFFECT. happy feet looked like they were not in control of the match and had the momentum on their side after their miracle last save, and they were able to battle back all the way to the last of BUTTERFLY EFFECT, capping it out and taking the map 3 - 2. Despite the best efforts of Raze and Spade, BUTTERFLY EFFECT could not break through cohesive team-play and experience of happy feet, who were now up two maps to one in the Grand Final.

Everything was on the line for BUTTERFLY EFFECT on Sunshine, as they needed the map to stay in the Grand Final. However, happy feet demonstrated why their core were the reigning champions of the ozfortress seasonal league, and they dominated the first two rounds in just over four minutes. BUTTERFLY EFFECT were able to pick up the pace and fight back, however the next round ultimately still fell to happy feet and they found themselves within touching distance of the championship. Time was running out and BUTTERFLY EFFECT needed to quickly convert rounds. happy feet began to play for time, knowing that they would be able to secure the map win by running down the clock. A much needed first round appeared on the board for BUTTERFLY EFFECT, however it looked to be too little too late as with only four minutes remaining on the clock, happy feet were able to clean up the next round leaving no time renaming for BUTTERFLY EFFECT to get the rounds they needed. off the back of great performances from down and redcoatzygote, as well as an impressive three-death map from lau, happy feet had proven that they were the best team in Australia and after taking the series 3 - 1 have become your ozfortress season 27 Premier champions!

For the statistics enthusiasts, ozfortress Premier division player and caster Sean has written a detailed breakdown on all player performances in the OZF 27 Premier Grand Final, make sure you check it out here!

Thank you to all the players, support staff and patrons that helped make this season possible. We'll see you all again soon for Ultiduo!


1st - happy feet
3rd - NoG


Champions: happy feet
Best Demoman: enrith
Best Medic: lau
Best Pocket: yewl
Best Roamer: feyn
Best Pocket Scout: AiShou
Best Flank Scout: Elmo.
Best Utility: Sam.

Most Improved Player: dogroll
Most Valuable Player: krollic

Friendliest Team: The Older Gamers
Most Improved Team: refrigerator zeej pty ltd
Best Dressed Team: The Older Gamers
Best Caster: Elmo.

go feyn!!!!


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