February 7th 2016, 15:34
by Kenneth
TF2 News

Reminder that the ozfortress sunday series is a weekly event and is on tonight. Don't forget to check it out and sign up for a fun night of TF2.

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ozfortress news
Update: Register here for the second Razer cup, Sunday 31st January.

We are into week 3 of the Summer Cup 2016 main bracket, by the end of which only 8 teams will remain. We recognise that waiting for the next major ozfortress competition is fairly boring and a major cause of stagnation for the competitive tf2 community.

To address this, ozfortress will be hosting weekly tournaments on the Razer Arena platform. They will begin this Sunday the 24th January and finish on Sunday 14th Feburary, a week before the Summer Cup Grand Final. Summer Cup survivors are still welcome to compete, but please ensure your game is scheduled prior to signing up. Signups for the tournament will be available shortly.

TeamfortressTV has been producing highlights of top 6s clips from around the world, and has put out a clip of Dreams sniping! It's taken from Labracadabradors vs. U bad lol? on Process. Keep an eye out for more Summer Cup highlights with top #productionvalue from the likes of truktruk, dashner and more!

Backcap continues to produce high quality competitive TF2 content, targeted at both the competitive and pub community. If you've missed the last few episodes, make sure you check out sIN's channel. The latest video includes highlights from Labracadabradors vs. U bad lol? Keep an eye out for this weeks video which should include some awesome highlights, particularly from U bad lol? vs. Great Gravy on Gullywash.

As always, high level casted games will be events on TeamfortressTV and able to be bet on at Saloon.tf. Speaking of casted games, TFLIVE is casting Male Cougars vs. SACRED.tf TONIGHT! Click here for the details. If you've missed any of the recent casted games, VODs will be available on the TFLIVE Youtube shortly after the match.

Don't forget to check out the ozfortress Discord if you haven't already. It's the official method of contacting admins but also a great place to hang out. TeamfortressTV and other communities also have Discord channels which you can join and chat. Finally, the ozfortress Twitter provides updates about tournaments and when casted games are going live.

Enjoy your TF2-filled Summer!
December 30th 2015, 10:42
by Kenneth
ozfortress news
ozfortress is now hosting an official discord for communications. This is now the number one way to contact admins and a great community hub for everyone to hang out and organize in.

This is now the official way to contact admins.
Some may not be contactable via steam.

We've created a few channels like #scrims and #mercs, but we have a few private channels for team captains and the like. If you're a summer cup captain, find an online admin and request access to #sc16_captains. Find admins in #help.

Click the discord icon below to join. We recommend using the desktop app, and there's an excellent mobile app as well.

ozfortress news
Merry Christmas and a happy new year from all the team

We hope you all have a lovely and Merry Christmas this holiday season. We've enjoyed a great 2015 and can't wait till 2016 for new seasons, new tournaments, and a new outlook on the game of TF2.

Valve has given us a great Christmas present with the brand new matchmaking feature, which will certainly breath some life into this game! We look forward to the influx of new players into the scene and hope you will welcome them with open arms, with the true spirit of Christmas.

This year has been an awesome one at ozfortress, with the introduction of one night events, some awesome (and probably last, stay tuned) ozfortress winter leagues, the most viewed ozfortress event ever on Tip of the Hats, and the kick off to the first long form ozfortress summer cup.

We hope you enjoyed 2015 as much as we did, but we're also looking towards a great 2016. Of course, SC16 will be in full swing right away, starting January 3rd. Our next seasonal competition, whether it's owl or something fresh, will be starting around early-mid March, so make sure your teams are all hyped up and ready for that. Leading up to that, we will be running some more small cups on razer arena as teams start to get eliminated from the summer cup and need stuff to do. Can't wait to see you there for all the fun bits and bobs we have coming up.

Thanks everyone for traveling with us throughout the year and being such a supportive community. We do this because we love it, and we hope you love the ride too.

From the ozfortress team: madjack, shrak, brodogs, tonberry, rhk, bladez, geomanis, wm, ferelah, lammy, ryno, tom sawyer, kenneth, merk, and the ghosts of admins past.

December 22nd 2015, 16:22
by Kenneth

We have proof that the following users have engaged in unacceptable behavior, and therefore has been banned for 6 months and 3 months respectively.

LOLYOUFLEEK (King Carl) STEAM_0:1:44184438 has been banned from ozfortress.com, the community's competitions, and ozfortress servers for a period of 6 months, after which time the person will be on permanent probation. If they are found using alternate accounts during their competition bans, their ban duration will be extended. Reason: Impersonating an ozfortress administrator in official matches, refusing to comply with administrator instructions.

maz STEAM_0:0:45125663 has been banned from ozfortress.com, the community's competitions, and ozfortress servers for a period of 3 months, after which time the person will be on permanent probation. If they are found using alternate accounts during their competition bans, their ban duration will be extended. Reason: Personal attacks against an ozfortress member, misuse of administrative privileges in an ozfortress mumble
December 21st 2015, 21:35
by Brodogs
ozfortress news

Summer Cup 2016 Main Bracket beings January 3

Qualifiers and Wildcards have now been completed, so we are ready to release the Main Bracket. Each match up until the Grand Final is a Best of 3 with a pick-ban format similar to OWL14.

Further details can be found in the rules, which are now published on github. We've rearranged them to have a "general" section which will apply to all ozfortress competitions, as well as competition specific documents which are linked from there. Please feel free to file issues, or if you're technically inclined, even create pull requests if you'd like to suggest changes or notice any errors.

Would all teams please note that all games can be bet on at Saloon.tf. If you are on the roster for a match, even as a backup, do not bet on either team. Additionally, the map pack has been updated to include cp_sunshine_rc9, so please ensure you have the latest version of the map.

Select games will be covered on TFLIVE with highlights to be featured on Backcap as produced by Shounic and hosted on niSLT (siN)'s Youtube, which is viewed by a wide variety of competitive and casual players. Check out this week's episode for Qualifier highlights and a recap of the recent TF2 update.

Post-round head-to-head written content will be available on TeamfortressTV, with Hobbes having already provided a short introduction to the top 5 seeded teams.

Submissions for Summer Cup 2016 rule changes will close 11:59pm AEDT Thursday 31st December.

December 9th 2015, 21:40
by Kenneth

Summer Cup 2016 Qualifiers start Thursday night

Due to limited signups we have slightly changed the format for our qualifiers. As we have just over the number of teams required for the tournament to run (17 teams signed up, 16 needed including invited teams) the qualifiers will serve as a method to seed teams into the main bracket.

Instead of a group stage we will be using one large swiss group over 5 rounds. The round maps will be the same as listed below. The top 12 teams from the qualifiers will be seeded into the main bracket from seed 4 to seed 15. The bottom two teams will face off in a wildcard match to determine the 16th and final seed. (Note: we've had a few last minute additions so there may be changes to the wildcard matches)

Jasmine, Gossip Girl, and :smug: will be seeded in this order into the main bracket. We will not be directly inviting a 4th team.

The tournament will be run via challonge, and captains will be PM'd an invite link to sign up their teams shortly.

Qualifiers Schedule
Round 1: Thursday 8:30 cp_badlands
Round 2: Thursday 9:15 cp_process_final
Round 3: Sunday 8:00 cp_snakewater_final1
Round 4: Sunday 8:45 cp_granary_pro_b10
Round 5: Sunday 9:30 koth_product_rc8
All times in Sydney time.

Each team in the following list will link you to the team captains steam profile. Captains, make sure you're accepting friend requests from teams on the night.
Beer and Skittles
Gabber Gods
Great Gravy
U bad lol?
Backcap and Chill
90 Pingas
No Kids Here!

Late additions
The Resurrected Six
Male Cougars
Salt Free Gaming.

Kenneth, your fearless admin will be available to solve any issues or answer any questions you have during the tournament. Captains, please add me.

[Unlocks] [Map Pool] [Key Dates] [Server Configs][Matchups][Stream]

November 30th 2015, 20:56
by Kenneth
ozfortress news

Signups for the ozfortress Summer Cup 16 are now open!

Teams will be seeded into 4 groups of 6 and play 5 maps over Thursday 10th and Sunday 13th December.

Qualifiers Schedule
Round 1: Thursday 8:30 cp_badlands
Round 2: Thursday 9:15 cp_process_final
Round 3: Sunday 8:00 cp_snakewater_final1
Round 4: Sunday 8:45 cp_granary_pro_b10
Round 5: Sunday 9:30 koth_product_rc8

The top 3 teams from each group will be seeded into the 16 double elimination bracket.

Direct Invites
Gossip Girl
We are still confirming our last invite and this will be announced soon.

Teams qualifying for the Main Bracket can schedule their weekly matches between Sunday and Thursday. Each game will be Best of 3 with bans and picks. The Grand Final will be a Best of 5 with no advantage set for 8:30pm AEDT Sunday 21st February.

[Unlocks] [Map Pool] [Key Dates] [Server Configs]


November 27th 2015, 18:39
by Brodogs
International News

Poster by uberchain

The Dreamhack Winter 2015 TF2 Invitational, powered by Marketplace.tf & esportunited kicks off at 1AM AEDT, November 28. The Swedish event will feature some of Europes most talented gamers battling it out for a share of $4000 USD, with first taking home $1750.

With the absence of #tf2center (formerly Epsilon) many see Reason Gaming as untouchable. However, the solid LEGO, publiclir.se and particularly swedeRage*Essentials.tf*tf2pickup.net rosters could give the ETF2L S21 champions a run for their money. Check out TeamfortressTV for all the details.

The success of this event is considered key to the TF2 at future events like Dreamhack, so show your support and don't miss a second of the action!

November 23rd 2015, 22:33
by Kenneth
ozfortress news

The ozfortress summer cup is starting up soon. This will be the beginning of a yearly showing of ozfortress' top teams - 16 teams will battle it out in a double elimination with weekly best of three matches. Following from ozfc3, this will be our 4th major ozfortress cup.

We will be inviting 4 teams to the tournament, and the rest will qualify in an open qualifier season on the 10th and 13th of December. These two nights will be done as a group stage. More details will be announced when signups open later this week, along with the list of invited teams. A maximum of 24 teams may participate in the open qualifiers, and the top 12 teams will be selected to proceed to the main bracket.

We are really keen to get this out for people to know about this - form your teams, start scrimmaging, and get ready to play some great TF2. Signups will open on the 29th of November.