July 16th 2016, 23:30
by obla
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July 6th 2016, 20:55
by obla
ozfortress news

It's here! ozfortress season 16, the flagship competitive TF2 event for the Oceanic region, is launching on our new league system: Citadel. Teams of all skill levels are encouraged to play.

Just like last season, OZF 16 will feature 3 divisons: Premier, Intermediate and Open. The lower two divisions will consist of a Swiss group stage leading into a single elimination finals bracket. Premier will have a round robin group stage into double elimination finals. For those wanting to know more about Swiss, check this out. Unlike previous seasons, the league will entirely function on our fork of Citadel - Challonge will not be needed.

You can create an account on Citadel by signing in through Steam. Make sure to set your username on the site to what you will be using to play when you first sign in. Name changes will be subject to admin approval as currently on the forums and will not be allowed. Once we migrate data from the ozfortress forums, information associated with your SteamID will be linked to your Citadel account.

In Citadel, Captains can create Teams using the "Start Team" button on the Teams page. Once created, Captains can invite a user to the Team. Team invites are shown on a user's profile, which can be accessed by clicking on your name next to the bell on the top right hand corner of your screen. Teams provide a bucket of players that can be signed up for a tournament. Players may be on multiple teams but only one Roster for any given tournament. Captains may sign up a Roster for tournaments under the League page.

Players spamming Citadel with pointless teams will be punished accordingly.

Grand Finals of Premier will be played as a best of 5, but Open and Intermediate Grand Finals remain a best of 3. Division size limits for Premier and Intermediate are pending signups. Open will have an unrestricted number of teams.

If you're new and not sure how to get started, don't fret! Check out the recruitment section where you can find or form a team. Teams are normally comprised of 1 Medic, 1 Demoman, 2 Soldiers and 2 Scouts. It's good to have backups for on team to ensure you can field 6 players for your weekly matches.

The Advisor program that launched last season will feature in OZF 16. For brand new teams in Open, we will attempt to find you an Advisor who will be available to assist you through your first few weeks in ozfortress. The Advisor will show your team how to arrange a match time, join the server and report scores after the game. If you're a team that wishes to be assigned with an Advisor, let us know by writing `Wants Advisor' in your Team's description in Citadel. If you're a player experienced with ozfortress competitions, let us know of your interest to help out as an Advisor in your Citadel description.

As always, top level Premier coverage will be brought to you by TFLIVE. If you're looking for past matches to get a feel for the game, they can be found on the TFLIVE YouTube. However, the best way to learn the game is usually to just start playing. Whether you're a veteran or new to the scene, get on a team and come play!

We've opened signups for OZF 16 a little early to give teams extra time to solidify. You can sign up right now until the 14th July, with the season starting on Sunday 17th July 2016.

Congratulations Premier winners Jasmine Tea!

Badlands - 1 - 6
Snakewater - 6 - 2
Granary - 4 - 3
Process - 2 - 3
Sunshine - 5 - 1

In what was probably the closest and downright dirtiest set of games ozfortress has seen in awhile, Jasmine Tea emerged victorious over team ego 3-2.

ego decided to start the night on probably their strongest map cp_badlands, and rightly so as they dominated the score 6-1 with some snappy scout play and putting too much pressure on the Jasmine heavy classes.

Moving to Jasmine Tea's first choice, cp_snakewater, we see a change of fates as Jasmine's Geoh has a big game and the rest of Jasmine follow through coming to a strong finish of 6-2.

Going to map three with both teams at 1-1, this settles in to be a long night as we change to cp_granary, the fortress of slow pushes and bad retakes. ego lead the way with a few quick round wins, but Jasmine Tea don't let up and equal the map to 3-3. With only 2 minutes left on the map we seem to be heading to a golden cap, however Jasmine Tea have too strong a midfight and roll it all the way to last before ego can set up and cap straight away.

Heading to possibly the last map of cp_process, things seem to be going Jasmine Tea's way. But, yuki and aporia being the serious veterans of ego pull their team back in line and take the first round. Jasmine slowly reply with 2 round wins. 2 minutes left, ego need to win this round to go to the 5th map, they have a strong mid and Jasmine back out early, ego push aggressively and apply the pressure constantly picking apart Jasmine and cap out the round to win 3-2.

A final worth the skill of these two teams, despite some net issues gnat and namey being namey. We move to sunshine, not a favourite of either team, but this is the decider. Unfortunately this wasn't as close as it should have been as gnat's net issues continue disallowing him to make as big an impact on the game as he could have with Jasmine's Geoh and Elmo/Madness fragging hard and ego not pulling together well enough to beat Jasmine. They win the map 5-1 and the match 3-2.

After winning this season, Jasmine Tea have confirmed they are going to attend i58! Please get around your aussie comrades and consider donating to help fund them.

Thank you to all teams and players for participating in ozfortress season 15, and we hope to see you soon!

1st - Jasmine
2nd - ego
3rd - Home Alone

Champions: Jasmine
Best Demoman: Paulsen
Best Medic: Dave
Best Pocket: Geoh
Best Roamer: Zaka
Best Scout: Elmo
Best Utility: Yui

Most Improved Player: Enrith
Most Valuable Player: termo
Rookie of the Season: Dave

Friendliest Team: Fifo
Most Improved Team: Home Alone

[Jasmine Fundraiser]
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Congratulations Intermediate winners The Resurrected Six!

gullywash - 1 - 2
product - 3 - 0
snakewater - 6 - 1
granary - 2 - 1 | 1 - 1 regular time | 1 - 0 golden cap

The first map of the grand final was Gullywash with a very close start, with the first round taking 15 minutes before UNI finally got the first round win of the game. They followed up with a second, before TR6 were able to quickly reply to bring the score back to 2-1, but were not able to clinch the next round before the map time ended.

TR6 immediately took control of the second map, Product, and comfortably won 3-0, showing significantly more aggression than UNI who used a more passive style of play.

The third map was Snakewater, which, much like Gullywash, was a very close game for the first 15 minutes, and eventually UNI clinched the first round. Unfortunately for them, TR6 found some inspiration, and won six straight rounds, four of which took under 2 minutes, to close out the map.

Map 4 was Granary, and yet again, the scoreline remained 0-0 for almost 15 minutes before UNI were able to win the first round of the map. The second round took almost the remainder of the map time before TR6 were able to close out the 2nd round with 1 minute remaining, and force the map to golden cap.

UNI took TR6 to the last point during the golden cap, but were unable to seal the deal, and TR6 took the momentum and were able to cap out, winning the ozf 15 Intermediate Grand Final 3-1!

Thank you to all teams and players for participating in ozfortress season 15, and we hope to see you soon!

1st - The Resurrected 6
2nd - UNI-cycle
3rd - ABC

Champions: The Resurrected 6
Best Demoman: Jaybladezz
Best Medic: Megumi
Best Pocket: Roro
Best Roamer: Johno/Bane
Best Scout: Ben
Best Utility: Xyph/Ben

Most Improved Player: Dr.Awesome/Randy
Most Valuable Player: Ben

Friendliest Team: Salt Free Gaming
Most Improved Team: The Resurrected Six

June 6th 2016, 20:57
by obla
ozfortress news

Congratulations Open winners Duksquad!

Gullywash - 0 - 3
Snakewater - 3 - 2
Product - 3 - 1
Process - 5 - 2

On the first map of Gullywash, both teams put up an amazing fight, with great picks and Uber exchanges. Duksquad were successful in winning the midfights, but were unable to hold their advantages, leading to Beer and Skittles taking the first with a score of 0-3.

The next map of Snakewater was looking even closer than the previous, with some early domination by mop, giving Duksquad the first two rounds. However Beer and Skittles figured out their strategies and gained the upper hand, taking the next two rounds, leading to a tie of two rounds each. Duksquad came together on the fifth round, moping up the other team at mid and capturing last, ending Snakewater with a close score of 3-2.

Product came next, the classic KOTH map known for outrageous plays. Mio put his sniping skills to the test, putting great pressure on Duksquad. Nevertheless, Duksquad countered with superb flank plays and double Soldier bombs, taking the first two rounds. Beer and Skittles coordinated to take the third round but it was too little as Duksquad took the next round to win Product 3-1.

The last map started close but quickly turned in favour of Duksquad, leading five rounds to one. Yet again, Beer and Skittles refused to go down without a fight, but were unable to win the map. Duksquad proved that they are the Open champions by bringing the final map of Process to a 5-2 win.

Thank you to all teams and players for participating in ozfortress season 15, and we hope to see you soon!

1st - Duksquad
2nd - Beer and Skittles
3rd - dale + 5 whales

Champions: Duksquad
Best Demoman: deft
Best Medic: oxy
Best Pocket: feyn
Best Roamer(s): kev and dev.
Best Scout(s): Yorda and xt
Best Utility: hirast

Most Improved Player: dev
Most Valuable Player: mop

Friendliest Team: Xyphuu Waifuu
Most Improved Team: Master Menace and The Doggos

June 6th 2016, 19:47
by Kenneth

With ozfortress season 15 over, it's time to announce the award winners. Joining hosts Dreamboat and Smithsonian are ozfortress admins Kenneth, shrak and obla. Captain of champion Premier team Jasmine Tea, Paulsen, will also be on the panel, streamed and produced by Brodogs.

Tune in at 7:30 AEDT TONIGHT!


May 25th 2016, 21:28
by Hawk`
ozfortress news

The voting threads for the end of season awards have now been posted! The votes must be sent through to rhK in a PM (using the correct formatting) by Friday at midnight. Failing to do this will prevent your votes from counting.

Premier Votes
Intermediate Votes
Open Votes

[Unlocks] [Map Pool] [Key Dates] [Rules] [Server Configs]
[Advisor Program] [Admins]

Reminder that all nominations for end of season awards need to be in by tonight at midnight. Failing to do this will prevent your players from receiving any end of season awards.

Nominations Thread

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ozfortress news

VAC Bans
Slamm STEAM_0:0:5390368
2l8 STEAM_0:0:56096030
Random Colours STEAM_0:0:28558706
Raze STEAM_0:1:82314613
eggnog STEAM_0:0:48709588
civ STEAM_0:1:40995074
boo STEAM_0:1:70614090
darktime/camm STEAM_0:0:48166556
Dr Fondles STEAM_0:0:65605989
Amuse/Mad? STEAM_0:1:61814151
Scrambles STEAM_0:0:15352134
Skittles STEAM_0:1:43925421
Pan-isher STEAM_0:1:41468369
poink STEAM_0:1:42395484

We have determined that the players above have been banned by the Valve Anti-Cheat System. Cheating provides an unfair advantage for competitors. As such, these players have been banned from ozfortress.com, the community's competitions, and all other ozfortress properties for a period of 1 year, after which time the persons will be on permanent probation. If they are found aliasing during their competition bans, their ban duration will be extended.

Teams who had the above players on their rosters for OZF 15 are to continue to organise matches without the banned individual.

Should ANY clans in ANY ozfortress competitions be found housing the listed players, the team will be permanently removed from our competitions and all members involved will face severe penalties.
April 30th 2016, 12:48
by Kenneth
ozfortress news

It's coming! ozfortress season 15 is reaching its end and this brings the excitement of finals. And we have a new format to bring you the best games and the best coverage as provided by the ever amazing TFLIVE.

We will be using a page playoff system. Seeding into this system is similar to previous seasons - your points gained during the season are used to seed you into the playoffs bracket. The page playoff system produces close matches in the first round while continuing to reward a good regular season performance.

To summarize how it works:

Upper Page Playoff: Seed 1 vs seed 2
Negotiated between Sunday 8th May - Thursday 12th May
The Winner advances to the Grand Final
The Loser drops to the Semifinal
Lower Page Playoff: Seed 3 vs Seed 4
Negotiated between Sunday 8th May - Thursday 12th May
The Winner advances to the Semifinal
The Loser drops to the Third Place Match
Semifinal: Loser of Upper Page Playoff vs. Winner of Lower Page Playoff
Locked to Sunday 15th May
The Winner of the Semifinal advances to the Grand Final
The Loser drops to the Third Place Match
Third Place Match: Loser of Semifinal vs. Loser of Lower Page Playoff
Negotiated between Monday 16th May - Thursday 19th May
The winner of this match will receive Third Place
The loser of this match will receive Forth Place
Grand Final: Winner of Semifinal vs. Winner of Upper Page Playoff
Locked to Sunday 22nd May
This match will be played as a best of 5 maps.
The winner of this match will receive First Place
The loser of this match will receive Second Place
note: Intermediate and Open will use a single elimination bracket as in OWL.

You can find all coverage of this season as well as previous coverage at TFLIVE or TFLIVE YouTube.