November 27th 2015, 18:39
by Brodogs
International News

Poster by uberchain

The Dreamhack Winter 2015 TF2 Invitational, powered by Marketplace.tf & esportunited kicks off at 1AM AEDT, November 28. The Swedish event will feature some of Europes most talented gamers battling it out for a share of $4000 USD, with first taking home $1750.

With the absence of #tf2center (formerly Epsilon) many see Reason Gaming as untouchable. However, the solid LEGO, publiclir.se and particularly swedeRage*Essentials.tf*tf2pickup.net rosters could give the ETF2L S21 champions a run for their money. Check out TeamfortressTV for all the details.

The success of this event is considered key to the TF2 at future events like Dreamhack, so show your support and don't miss a second of the action!

November 23rd 2015, 22:33
by Kenneth
ozfortress news

The ozfortress summer cup is starting up soon. This will be the beginning of a yearly showing of ozfortress' top teams - 16 teams will battle it out in a double elimination with weekly best of three matches. Following from ozfc3, this will be our 4th major ozfortress cup.

We will be inviting 4 teams to the tournament, and the rest will qualify in an open qualifier season on the 10th and 13th of December. These two nights will be done as a group stage. More details will be announced when signups open later this week, along with the list of invited teams. A maximum of 24 teams may participate in the open qualifiers, and the top 12 teams will be selected to proceed to the main bracket.

We are really keen to get this out for people to know about this - form your teams, start scrimmaging, and get ready to play some great TF2. Signups will open on the 29th of November.

November 9th 2015, 11:10
by Kenneth
ozfortress news
ozfortress spring series #1 will be held on Sunday the 15th of November, 7:35pm start. This will be a 16-team, single elimination tournament with a third place match.

Important Information

The competition is run automatically by razer arena. There are a few things that you will need to know before playing.

You need to Check-in to the site 10mins before your match starts and there is an auto-enforced forfeit timer of 5 minutes past the scheduled time. This will not be extended, be ready. Every member of your team needs to make an account to play the game.

Note that we are including a 3rd place match for this tournament which we be played in the same format as the finals.

Check in open - 7:35
Round 1 7:45 - Pro Granary
Round 2 8:20 - Sunshine
Semi-Finals 8:55 - Product RC8
Grand-Final + consolation finals 9:30 - Snakewater, Gullywash and Granary_Pro
If you have a bye first round and your 2nd round match is vs a team who also has a bye, your match may be moved forward on request.

Note that these times are a guide, and match times may be moved forward or back at admin discretion.

  • To register you need to head over to the Razer Arena site and make an account.
  • Once you have verified your email you need to make a team and have your 5 team mates join it.
  • Now you can signup for the ozfortress Spring Series tournament.
  • Note that teams and tournament rosters are separate things. You must join a team for your captain to add you to the tournament roster, but you may be on multiple teams. You may only be on one tournament roster for any single event.

Registrations close on the 15/11/15 @ 7pm AEST and are open RIGHT NOW!
There is a maximum of 16 teams allowed so signup ASAP!

Sign up now
October 29th 2015, 19:02
by Brodogs
ozfortress news
Movember has been a staple of Australian charity since its inception in 2003, and this year ozfortress has decided to take part. The Movember Foundation raise money for men's health. It focuses on prostate cancer, testicular cancer, mental health awareness and physical inactivity.

Participants begin November clean shaven and grow their mustache for 30 days in an attempt to gain sponsors. This year, Movember looks to further include women and those poor souls unable to grow a mustache with the addition of MOVE, a commitment to 30 MOVEs of exercise, no matter how big or small, for the 30 days of Movember. It's never been easier to get involved!

If you would like to participate or sponsor a fellow gamer, head over to the ozfortress Movember team. Donations to members of the ozfortress team count towards the 'Team Funds Raised' as well as the individual, however you are also welcome to donate directly to the ozfortress team.

Lets get together and help support men's health!
October 3rd 2015, 22:13
by Kenneth
Hello friends! We'd like to thank jersh for putting countless hours into this awesome frag vid containing heaps of community submitted middies, meatshots, arrows, and dank pipes from OWL 13. Make sure to watch in 1080p60 if you can!

September 23rd 2015, 15:43
by Kenneth
OWL News

The ozfortress winter league 14 has come to a close. Thanks to all the teams who showed up and gave it their all, and congratulations to all teams who won their respective divisions! Also congratulations to the winners of our brand new People's Choice MVP and Best Caster awards.

Premier Team Impunity
Division 2 Multiplex
Division 3 Graveyard of Prem Dreams
Division 4 auRa
Division 5 The Resurrected Six

People's Choice Premiership MVP Geoh
Best Caster Smithsonian
Thank you to all admins who made this season possible by putting in the hard work to keep everything running smoothly. There's no way we could run this season without the impressive dedication that this outstanding group of people provide.
Bladez, Brodogs, Kenneth, Lammy, mercury, rhK, ryno, Shrak, tonberry, wm, and the ghosts of admins past
Special thanks to infinite and iPGN for providing server hosting. It's sad to see iPGN go, they have provided us high quality servers for over the years and we apprciate the support.

We strive to bring you the best coverage possible day in, day out. It is a task that requires the support of many individuals and organisations. ozfortress would like to thank:
Coverage and Support
Casters - Smithsonian, tonberry, Render, Alex, Fozzlm, eps, Fear, jaybladezz, Kenneth, oxy, Elfishguy, ferelah, Kaki and Comrade Lost
Production - Brodogs, Hobbes, Kaiza and Daenixxx
Article Writing - obla and Brodogs
OWL Logos and Graphic Design - Russell 'spicysalsa' Ng
Overlays - TSTM and Kaiza
Production Support - Wiethoofd and Kenneth
Raffle Donations - Daenixxx, Brodogs, oxy and Fozzlm
HUD Development - Fozzlm and rhK
bladez - livelogs.ozfortress.com
zoob - logs.tf
tsc - StatusSpec
Arie - Live Stats (Cheat Feed)
Gentlemanjon - beta.fantasytf2.com and tactics.tf
Cherry - saloon.tf

And of course, thanks to every single team and player who participated. Looking back at this list, this is an amazing group of people who volunteer their time and skills to the competitive community, but it would be amiss to not recognise the effort of the teams who try their best to improve and become better season after season. Thanks to everyone for making this season an interesting and fun one to admin and cover.

So this season of owl is over... now we direct our efforts at new competitions and new seasons. Expect some awesome new cups over the next few months, both big and small, and an exciting new set of ozfortress competitions for 2016.

TF2 News

Tip of the Hats has already established itself as a major event on the TF2 calendar, but now we get to play a part. That's right, the stream that last year raised over $108,000 for One Step Camp, a charity that run camps and provide other services for kids with cancer, is coming down under.

Starting 7pm AEST, Sunday September 20, ozfortress will be hosting a 4-team tournament. It will include a group stage leading into a single elimination tournament. Each map will have a 25 minute round timer, with Best of 1 games leading up to a Best of 3 Grand Final. The schedule is as follows:
Sunday September 20th
7:00 - Round 1
7:30 - Round 2
8:00 - Round 3
8:30 - Semi Finals
9:00 - Grand Finals
Streamed from their awesome studio in Chicago, European dribbler and TeamfortressTV caster Sideshow will be covering the matches alongside rising local talent Fozzlm. The teams participating are:
Team Impunity
Pump n' Dump
Gossip Girl
One Night Stand
The TF2 community can donate funds directly or items which are then raffled on stream. There are also donation incentives for many of the sick events as announced on their schedule, but more will be announced as we draw closer to the event. Make sure to check out some of the other awesome segments, as hosted on-site by prominent past-and-present European and American TF2 community members and Youtubers. Please give generously if you are able!

September 16th 2015, 22:16
by Kenneth

Congratulations Team Impunity


[Match Thread]

On the first map of viaduct, Pump n' Dump put up an amazing fight, bringing the last two rounds to double overtime and really making a nail biter of a map with yuki on demoman taking the coveted top damage award, but Impunity was able to take it in the end with a score of 3-2.

The next map of snakewater was looking just as close, with some early domination by sam. on sniper, a little seen sight this season. However Impunity quickly figured out sam. and the rest of Pump n' Dump quickly and managed to take 6 rounds in a row to take the second map 6-2, with Impunity scouts madness` and Elmo. clearly dominating the match alongside a strong performance from their demoman Paulsen.

The last map started close but ended just as clinical as the previous map. Impunity proved why they are now the ozfortress winter league champions by bringing the final map of badlands to a mercy rule win of 7-2 to claim the title.

Thank you to all the teams playing this season, it has been a pleasure to admin owl 14. Can't wait to see everyone for future competitions.

Champions Team Impunity
Best Scout Elmo
Best Pocket Geoh
Best Roamer SoLe
Best Medic Brutalix
Best Demoman Termo
Best Utility Elmo

Most Valuable Player termo

Most Improved Player Cooki
Most Improved Team die
Friendliest Team Thundabirdz
September 16th 2015, 06:46
by Brodogs
OWL News
Grand Final
Team Impunity vs Pump n' Dump
8:00pm AEST

Casting and Analysis: Fozzlm and tonberry, Render and Alex


Casting Mumble: medic.ozfortress.com
Port: 9900

STV: done

TFTV Event
TFTV Article



Good luck to both teams!
September 15th 2015, 23:26
by shrak
OWL News

Congratulations Division 2 winners Multiplex!

Sunshine - 2 - 0
Granary - 5 - 0
Process - 5 - 2

Well done to Multiplex for taking out the OWL 14 Division 2 Grand Final in 3 maps. The match started with a quite close game on Sunshine with a lot of back and forth action. Multiplex found a lot more momentum all the way through Granary and much of Process, only to have a scare towards the end with the threat of a comeback from 2 young. However in the end they kept their composure and came away with the victory.

Thank you to all teams and players for participating in this season of OWL, and we hope to see you soon!

1st - Multiplex
2nd - Too Young to Math
3rd - Great Gravy

Champions: Multiplex
Best Demoman: Egg
Best Medic: Alex
Best Pocket: jiho
Best Roamer: spas
Best Scout: namey
Best Utility: phrax

Most Improved Player: tetrix
Most Valuable Player: namey

Friendliest Team: Great Gravy
Most Improved Team: Great Gravy