March 27th 2015, 23:31
by Kenneth

Reminder that Sunday 5th April is Easter Sunday

Sunday the 5th is the last day of the round, but we wouldn't generally consider it a valid match day. Please attempt to organise matches for earlier in the round. Sunday 29th of March will now also be considered a valid match day, consider scheduling your Sunday matches then. If extensions are required, please contact an admin asap. If both teams agree to play on easter Sunday, that's fine.
March 25th 2015, 23:26
by Kenneth
OWL News

We've made a few changes based on community feedback, a closer look at some divisions, and a few teams withdrawing. First of all, division two will now be run similar to Prem with six teams, competing in a double elimination final.

Additionally, we've changed Div 4A and 4B to division 4 and 5, as we noticed a distinct skill difference upon closer inspection.

We thank all players who provided feedback on the seedings and hope everyone a great season. We will be posting first round matches very soon, and challonge invites should be out by tonight.


Yewls sceptre
MASIF Saturdays
Not Bad
cash money
Spire Kings Have Feelings Too
Los Pollos Hermanos

Origami pr0phets
Poached Eggs

Admin Abuse
Nameless Memories
Should be Studying
The Mapples
Deluxe Doodlers
u ¢ me
Whazzle Dazzle
Pancake Crusaders
Clean Up Crew
No Brakes on the Rach Train*
Rocket Surgeons
Party Team 420
Professional Ricecookers
* Kaiza + Revskank restricted from scout

Juicy Jumping Jeeps
Playing Aggressive
Dino Squad
Care Bear Squad*
Show Me Your Crits
Heiliz eSports
*Cruz restricted from Demoman

salt factory
casual memers

Half Baked
March 25th 2015, 00:04
by Kenneth
OWL News

Check latest news post, seedings have been modified.
March 22nd 2015, 22:14
by Kenneth

OWL 13 signups are now closed. If your application has been declined with a reason, continue to follow up your application to ensure your entry to OWL.

Any new applications received from now on will be placed on a waiting list. Divisions will be announced Wednesday.

The current list of team is:
  • ,,,,,chameleon
  • :smug:
  • Admin Abuse
  • Care Bear Squad
  • cash money
  • Casual Memers
  • Clean Up Crew
  • CrackDen.
  • Dino Squad
  • GTSOM!
  • Heiliz eSports
  • Help
  • Hollowmist
  • Juicy Jumping Jeeps
  • Libertê
  • Los Pollos Hermandos
  • MASIF Saturdays
  • Nameless Memories
  • No Brakes on the Rach Train
  • Not Bad
  • Origami pr0phets
  • Pancake Crusaders
  • Party Team 420
  • Playing Aggressive
  • Poached Eggs
  • Pojkarna
  • Salt Factory
  • Seven
  • Should be Studying
  • Show Me Your Crits
  • Spire Kings Have Feelings Too
  • The Mapples
  • TOG
  • u ¢ me
  • UNI-cycle
  • Whazzle Dazzle
  • Yewls sceptre

If your team is not on this list you have not applied for OWL or your application was incomplete.

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March 22nd 2015, 11:40
by Kenneth

OWL 13 signups close tonight at 10PM Sydney time. Please sign up asap!

[Key Dates] [Unlocks] [Maps + Schedule] [Configs] [Rules]


March 21st 2015, 21:19
by Kenneth
ozfortress news

We have substantial proof to believe the following player is using game altering exploits. This is deemed an unfair advantage for the player against others and regarded as a cheat, therefore the below player is suspended from ozfortress for a minimum period of 2 years.

Anqor has been banned from ozfortress.com, the community's competitions, and #ozfortress for a period of 2 years, after which time the person will be on permanent probation. If they are found aliasing during their competition bans, their ban duration will be extended.

Anqor [STEAM_0:1:74581064] - 2 years
Should ANY clans in ANY ozfortress competitions be found housing this member, the team will be permanently removed from our competitions and face hefty bans for all members involved.

RandomBlackDude [STEAM_0:1:109148048] - Permanant | Alias accounts

Cheers folks.
March 18th 2015, 23:16
by Kenneth
OWL News


It's something no one wants to see, especially me! We've been getting quite a few of these in the applications and it's really easy to avoid, just follow the instructions and the template. There are a few things that we see over and over again.

First of all, everyone must be on your ozfortress warzone roster. That can be done by going to this page and finding the clan you want to join. If someone is on the submitted roster but not on the warzone one, your application will be denied.

Secondly, everyone has to have their steamID set in their profile. Please make sure that all your players have this set before you submit your application, if they do not have it set, send them the following link: http://ozfortress.com/profile.php?do=editsteamid. If they have the wrong SteamID set, contact an admin.

Lastly, please follow the template. IF YOU USE THIS YOU CANNOT GO WRONG. Just copy and paste the BBCODE out of that document into the Private Message to me, edit in your team details, and send it off.

Follow these few steps and you can make sure that your application flies through with minimal fuss and muss.

March 16th 2015, 22:27
by Kenneth
OWL News

Just a quick reminder that OWL 13 signups close this coming Sunday the 22nd of March at 10PM Sydney time. Please sign up asap! We are starting to process these requests, if you have not had a PM back from an admin by tomorrow (tuesday) your application has not been received.

We'd also like to direct players to the rules. These are still in draft form and we would appreciate any feedback before the season starts. The deadline for any feedback will be the same as signups closing.

March 8th 2015, 23:01
by Kenneth
OWL News

Hello friends!

I am proud to announce OWL 13, our thirteenth avian based seasonal competition. This looks to be an exciting season with a number of interesting teams, and I can't wait to see it through.


We would like to announce that we have secured $1,000 AUD as prizes for OWL 13 for the premier division, which will be distributed with the following split:

First place: $600 AUD
Second Place: $250 AUD
Third Place: $150 AUD

We'd like to thank TFLIVE, Tonberry, and Tommunist for their contributions to the prize pool. We would also like to thank additional community members who have contributed to the prize pool but prefer to remain anonymous.

If you are looking to sponsor this or future competitions, please contact Kenneth.


Premier this season will see a few format changes along with the prize pool. To add a bit of rigour to the season, finals will be four team double elimination. To accommodate this, the regular season will contain six teams. With a five week regular season, this gives us the time we need to run double elimination finals.


The map pool this season will remain the same aside from updates. As the premier regular season will be five weeks, we have selected badlands, viaduct, and process as maps that will be played twice, all other maps will be played once.

Singups are open NOW and will remain open for two weeks and will close on Sunday 22nd of March at 10:00pm Sydney time. Reminder that if you are requesting conditional allowances, please contact an admin prior to submitting your application.

Teams will be seeded based on their roster playing their best players at all times, including backups.
ozfortress news

The majority of Prem games were streamed on TFLIVE

They will be uploaded to youtube and the link will be provided here.