January 22nd 2015, 20:33
by lammy

ozfl reboot
  • If your team is interested in joining ozfl please sign up here
  • Sign up any time. Leave any time.
  • Matchs are posted every 2 weeks.
  • Ozfortress league will start once 8 teams minimum have signed up.

The longest running competition in Australia/New Zealand consists of all clans at all different skill levels. It serves as a ladder or ranking system to see at a glance where clans are ranked in Oceania.

There are no divisions. This enables clans to come up against clans outside of their normal scrim circles and pushes them to higher skill levels when versing clans they would normally dismiss as "too hard".

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January 19th 2015, 18:18
by Kenneth
ozfortress news

Congratulations Trident for winning the second Summer Cup in a row! Trident showed just how dominant they are again by sailing through the upper bracket and winning all of their games with a decent margin. Well won. There were also some amazing games between Severity and New Direction , really showing us some good testing of logjam.

Also congratulations to :ghlol: for winning the division two bracket. GTSOM was their opponent, coming back from the lower bracket, with a very close win against Ripe Strategy, to win the first final of the extended series. However :ghlol : did manage to take the second final 3-1 capping out the last match of the night.

And of course, congratulations to Would You Rather for winning division three. WyR were fairly dominant throughout the night aside from a close semifinals versus Videogames Gaming, but they managed to press through and ended up defeating finalist yonkers in a convincing 5-0.

Also thanks to all those involved in making the night run. Thanks to Tonberry and Fear for casting on TFLIVE, as well as Some_Thing, Cobaltparadise, and Spicy Salsa for running production. Also thanks to Brodogs and friends for running coverage for division two games. A huge thanks to Lammy and Feresar for co-admining with me last night and keeping the games all running smooth.

A special shoutout to Hyce for designing the map, cp_logjam. Please go and give him feedback so the map can be improve in a way that includes the thoughts of Australian TF2.

Thanks to all the teams that played last night and we can't wait to see you all for the next competition.

January 18th 2015, 19:19
by Kenneth

Finals Live Now

Casting will be on TFLIVE

SourceTV: connect badger.ipgn.com.au:27035

January 18th 2015, 14:22
by Kenneth
ozfortress news

Hey again. Here we are with the brackets and divisions for the tournament tonight! This will be the last post before the tournament starts aside from a small casting update, so listen up!

Reminder that every match is being played on cp_logjam_b16, download link can be found here.

Notice that division two is also running the same as prem, double elimination with four teams. We hope this can provide an interesting and exciting division two, and it also allows us to include every single signup.

The schedule for Premier and Division Two is as follows:
Sunday January 18th
7:30 - Upper Bracket Round 1
8:15 - Upper Bracket Finals / Lower Bracket Round 1
9:00 - Lower Bracket Finals
9:45 - Grand Finals
Please note that the final will be played extended series, that is to say if the winner of the upper bracket loses the first best of one grand final, a second best of one final will be played. Challonge will reflect this as scores are reported.

For Division Three, we will be running it as an eight team single elimination tournament. The schedule is as follows:
Sunday January 18th
7:30 - Round of 8
8:15 - Semifinals
9:00 - Finals / Third Place match
Please note that a third place match will be played.

Please note that these schedules are deadlines to start your match, as a general rule, please start your next match as soon as challonge makes you aware that it is able to be played, and please report your scores promptly!

The following admins will be on duty tonight for any issues that need to be resolved.

Kenneth - Prem
Ferelah - Div 2
Lammy - Div 3

Please note that Ferelah will not be available after 9:00 so division two teams may contact any other admin in the case that he is unavailable.

Best of Luck!

ozfortress news

Hi all, we would like to make a few changes based on feedback we've gotten from potential teams.

First of all, we'd like to make signups a little bit easier for mix teams. We will no longer require ozfortress rosters for participating teams. However we still will need to verify players steam IDs are set on ozfortress profiles, so if you do not sign up with an ozfortress roster please link the ozfortress profile of anyone who has not played in division three or higher in any owl.

We will also be separating out the lower division into 8 team brackets, the number of which will be based on signups. Entry to the lower divisions will still be on first come first serve basis.

The entries will be extended to Saturday 17th January at 10:00PM Sydney time to allow teams the chance to complete sign ups.

The version of logjam used will be cp_logjam_b16 as this is the version teams have had time to practice with.

Hello again! I'd like to announce the second ozfortress Summer Cup! This cup will be played on cp_logjam_b16 made by Hyce. Logjam has had some good feedback from our European counterparts and we'd like to see if it should be given the go for our next seasonal competition.

The cup will consist of two divisions, a four team premiership which will play a double elimination tournament, and a 16 team single elimination bracket for everyone else. The Tournament will be played in full on Sunday the 18th of January for both divisions. Trident (formerly Jasmine) and Noob Slayers are invited directly into the Premiership bracket, and the other two spots will be given to open signups.

If you'd like to signup, please refer to the signups thread and get in ASAP because the single elimination bracket is first come first serve.

January 11th 2015, 10:21
by Kenneth
ozfortress news

First of all I'd like to give a huge apology to how late this is! In any case, I'd like to give a huge congragulations to Jasmine who have taken home the trophy for the inagural Summer Cup! It was a close set of games throughout the tournament but Jasmine skated straight through to the grand finals with relative ease. Second place team Noob Slayers gave them a good game in the upper bracket finals, but were knocked down only to face Jasmine again in the Grand Finals later that night. In the best of three grand finals Noob Slayers did put up a good fight but Jasmines experience playing together as a team was shown and Noob Slayers were defeated in two maps with fairly tight scores throughout.

We'd like to thank everyone who came down to watch the games, it was a fantastic time and we can't wait for next time. Stay tuned, because next time might not be that far away at all...

January 5th 2015, 18:53
by Kenneth
ozfortress news

First of all, a huge congragulations to GTSOM! and High Rollers for winning division 2 and 3 respecively last night. Thanks heaps to all the teams who played in the lower divs and can't wait to see all of you next time.

Tonight will be the last few games of the premiership bracket. In an effort to make scheduling a little bit easier for some teams and provide casting for all games, we will be hosting all games on the same server one after another.

ozfortress news

And we're off. The seedings are now final. Good luck in your individual competitions. Contacting any admin about seedings may just break one of the seven seals and loose the four horsmen of the apocolypse. Division three especially please check the bracket as there has been a full random reshuffle of the seeds.

See you guys all at 7:30 Sharp for your first match. At the beginning of each match please send the full connect string (including rcon) to your divisional admin.


Division 2

Division 3
Tom Sawyer

Admins will keep the following section updated with all the most interesting games being played.


New Direction vs. Space Jam - connect badger.ipgn.com.au:27035
Los Pollos Hermanos vs. GTSOM! - connect mal.ipgn.com.au:27045
Severity vs. Summer Fling - connect mal.ipgn.com.au:27035
Good Game vs. High Rollers - connect mal.ipgn.com.au:27040
January 3rd 2015, 17:00
by Kenneth

Reminder that only Premier is playing on Sunday and Monday, division Two and Three play on Sunday only.

All divisions for the ozfortress summer cup have been seeded and all invitiations to challonge brackets have been sent.

Please note that The Quickiebomb Launcher and The Iron Bomber will both be allowed in this competition. A new version of viaduct has recently been released, however we will continute to use koth_pro_viaduct_rc4 for this competition.

Also note that we have added a pause rule to the details thread. Please take a moment to stop by and make sure you are familiar with all the rules.

Without futher ado, here are the divisions.

  1. Jasmine
  2. Noob Slayers
  3. spacejam
  4. Summer fling
  5. New Direction
  6. Severity
  7. Pojkarna
  8. Ripe Strategy

Division 2

  1. Los Pollos Hermanos
  2. GTSOM
  3. Fansiblings
  4. Boat Boys
  5. Dreamscape
  6. Okinawa of Thyme
  7. SBS
  8. asfasgad

Division 3

  • GibusGods
  • Good Game
  • Admin Abuse
  • Greasy Fish
  • Seven
  • 21 Esports
  • High Rollers
  • Coochie Dip City

If you have any issues or problems, please contact an ozfortress admin asap.