July 15th 2015, 22:21
by Kenneth
The weapon pickup function added in the gunmettle update is not banned and will not be banned. All weapon pickups, including pickups of mediguns, are fully allowed. We wanted to clarify this as it is not specifically outlined in the rules.
July 12th 2015, 00:46
by Kenneth

pump and dump
Team Impunity
Premium Players
andy c appreciation society

Great Gravy
Comrades Lost
Too Young To Math

graveyard of prem dreams*
Generic TF2
Get These casual Scouts Off Me! **
party team 420
Tobias Cooper Appreciation Society
Amateur Riceconsumers
Should be Studying
Role Players
* hobbes + Ransibling + daveii restricted from soldier
* Disturbed restricted from scout, sniper
* smithsonian restricted from demoman
** Johno restricted from demoman
** Turok restricted from scout and sniper

Admin Abuse
Team MemeSeries *
Pregame Tryhards
This is the End
Potato Quality
* Peanut restricted from demoman
* Solus restricted from scout

The Resurrected Six
Classy Gentleman
Maccas LAN Party
The Dancing Snowmen from Mars
High6 Plus Sassy m8

کγkøtik کląγεr
Spire Stars
Meeseeks and Destroy
carpet cleaners

Match threads will be posted by tomorrow as early as possible. Sunday is a valid match day. Challonge invites will be sent out as soon as possible.

Best of luck to all teams.

July 9th 2015, 20:36
by rhK
OWL News

Currently we have a limited number of signups. I understand most teams will wait until they finish scrims tonight. However, this is the list of confirmed signups:

Multiplex - High6
pump and dump - Seven
Too Young To Math - MASIF
Percy - Maccas LAN Party
Premium Players - GTSOM!
Great Gravy - Comrades Lost
Semi UNI-cycle - Spire Stars
octowang - Classy Gentleman
Amateur Riceconsumers - die
Generic TF2 - Potato Quality
Intoxicated - This is the End
Admin Abuse - Pregame Tryhards
carpet cleaners - Team MemeSeries
andy c appreciation society - auRa
party team 420 - Meeseeks and Destroy
graveyard of prem dreams - Role Players
The Resurrected Six - Tobias Cooper Appreciation Society
The Dancing Snowmen from Mars - Should be Studying

If your team name is NOT on this list, but you think it should, please resend your application to rhK

July 5th 2015, 23:44
by Brodogs
OWL News


OWL 14 is upon us. The release of the Gun Mettle Update and the looming Matchmaking Update has impacted our game and the way we run competitions. The continued globalization of the scene and the looming Matchmaking update present new challenges and opportunities for our community, particularly in terms of coverage. This season, we will be looking to build on the strengths of OWL 13 while also adapting to the new patch and environment.


We will be switching to the ETF2L format of win difference of 5 over 30 minutes. We understand the competitive benefits lost from halves, but we feel this is the right decision going forward.


There will be no change in tournament format from OWL 13. Premier and Division 2 will again contain 6 teams, while other divisions will default to an 8 team group stage with further adjustments where necessary. Premier and Division 2 will have a 4-team double elimination finals, while finals for other divisions will be a 4-team single elimination format. The format is subject to change pending signups.


Comparing to OWL 13, granary has been removed from the map pool and replaced with pro_granary. Valve's Map Workshop is still new and posses the risk of map developers releasing a bugged update shortly before it is played. We intend to use the Map Workshop in the future which will involve coordination with map developers.

OWL 14 custom maps cp_sunshine_rc8, koth_product_rc8 and cp_granary_pro_b10 can be downloaded here which should be extracted to your ..\Team Fortress 2\tf\download\maps directory.


The Gun Mettle Update has brought many balance changes and given it's recent release we would like to give people a few days to play the new patch and give their updated opinions on any and all of the weapons and items that received changes, including those banned in OWL 13. Discussion should be based off this working whitelist.


ozfortress are pleased to announce that gentlemanjon's fantasytf2 will be available for OWL 14 Premier. Users can choose players from Premier rosters for their fantasy team where points are given based on data collected through bladez's livelogs. fantasytf2 competitions will occur on a round and seasonal basis. While initially set based on admin perceptions, the value of players will change over time with market activity. gentlemanjon puts out competition information and market trend information on teamfortresstv. Additionally, to assist in the integration of our scene into the global community, logs.tf has been implemented alongside livelogs on ozfortress servers.


Singups are now CLOSED.

Teams will be seeded based on their roster playing their best players at all times, including backups.
July 5th 2015, 23:29
by rhK
Ultimate Soldier

Congratulations team crafty! The alternating combo of eps/termo fought valiantly, but Jersh and Sam. were too strong! Thanks to all the 28 teams who participated in Ultiduo 10. It is a shame Yuki was otherwise tied up in the classic Team fortress, but a fantastic game to watch and cast.

Shoutout to brodogs/casters and all who played. Once again ozfortress would like to officially recognise the work bladez puts in; especially for saving the day once again with his ipgn bot and servers.

Demos can be found here.

Stay tuned for an OWL announcement!
June 30th 2015, 00:23
by rhK
Ultimate Soldier

Ultiduo10 - Competition Rules and Organisiation
Competition Date: 7:30pm Sunday 5th July 2015
Signups Open: 6:45pm EST
Signups Close: 7:15pm EST
A lot has happened since Ultiduo 9, and now I am very happy to announce Ultiduo 10! Some changes are in order this season, so seasoned and new players take a minute to familiarise yourselves with the rules.

Over the 9 iterations of Ultiduo we have seen over 350 duos compete it out successfully and with a lot of fun.

How to signup:
Ultiduo10 sign-ups will be fully automated using an IRC bot created by bladez. The duo captain is required to be in the IRC channel #ultiduo and signup using the following command:

!addteam x (where x is your partner's name)

Competition Format:
- Single Elimination
- Unlimited signups
- Limited Seeding (top 8-16 pairs will be seeded, rest will be random seeds)

- 1st place duo will receive a bud each
- 2nd place will receive items to be advised

Good Luck to all Duo's
June 19th 2015, 21:14
by Kenneth
OWL News
June 10th 2015, 22:08
by Kenneth
ozfortress news

Respawn Lan v33 - THE LAN BEFORE TIME

Date: June 27th-28th 2015
Time: 10am Saturday until 3pm Sunday,
Location: La Trobe University, Bundoora, Melbourne VIC
Cost: $40
Capacity: 450

That's right, ozfortress is going to Respawn! A staple in the ozfortress lan circuit, come on down and gather your teammates, face your rivals, and smash them all in some good old friendly (or not so friendly) Team Fortress Competition. Dubious and Kenneth will be running the competitions, which will include the headliner 6v6 competition, as well as an ultiduo cup earlier in the day.

So book your tickets and get ready to bring the fight to Respawn v33. Dubious will provide more info in the first post of the thread below.

June 10th 2015, 16:01
by tonberry

Hello friends, a reminder that Jersshhh has set a deadline for submission towards the OWL 13 highlight video.

June 21st is the Deadline.

Submission Thread

Professional Ricecookers

Gullywash [1st Half] [2nd Half]
Processes [1st Half] [2nd Half]

[Match Thread]
[Challonge Bracket]

Congratulations to Professional Ricecookers for taking out the Grand Final 2-0 over Paty Team 420.
No doubt a very strong performance all season from Ricecookers from round 1, and equally commendable efforts from Party Team and Se7en for coming in at 2nd and 3rd respectively.

Unfortunately I was very busy during this season and couldn't be as active as I would've liked, and was actually overseas during the Grand Final, but thank you to the most of you who were constantly communicating with me and making things run fairly smoothly.

So congratulations and thanks once again, and I hope to see you guys back for a bigger and better OWL 14.


Champions Professional Ricecookers
Best Scout Scandal
Best Pocket Soldier Kaiza
Best Roaming Soldier Kai
Best Medic Megumi
Best Demoman Jiho
Best Utility Kaiza

Most Improved Player Tricka
Most Valuable Player Jiho
Most Improved Team No Breaks on the Rach Train
Friendliest Team No Breaks on the Rach Train