August 24th 2014, 19:52
by Kenneth
International News
We are here! The grand finals of the Insomnia 52 lan are starting very shortly. Unfortunately, Team Immunity were not quite able to make it this far, going out to Classic Mixup in the lower bracket rounds, securing fourth place.

The game tonight will be very exciting, with American team Froyotech facing off against European giant Epsilon.

Epsilon eSports



Tune into the stream at 7:00 PM Sydney time to watch the action unfold

International News
Team Immunity are now all set up for the Insomnia 52 lan competition starting tomorrow for them when they wake up bright eyed and bushy tailed ready for a day of TF2. For them, the invite group matches start Tomorrow at about 3 PM local time. For us, this means tonight, kicking off at midnight Sydney time, there will be some intense TF2 action going on. The full schedule is as follows, all in Sydney time:

Group stage: Saturday 12:00 AM - Saturday 8:00 AM
Elimination bracket start: Saturday 7:00 PM
Upper bracket finals: Sunday 1:30 AM
Lower bracket finals: Sunday 6:00 AM
Grand Finals: Sunday 7:00 PM

All casts will be at TEAMFORTRESS.TV and TF.TV2
Go to comp.tf for brackets and results

Make sure to tune in and support Team Immunity. iM are making it well known that they have shown up to claim the trophy, and have brought a roster full of the top players in Australia to make it happen. This roster is hot off the heels of winning the CyberLeague.eu tournament, and are ready to claim the next European title to bring back home. The roster at the event is...

Team Immunity

After their impressive display at the online tournament and some very promising scrim results against EU teams, iM are looking very strong for this tournament. Last night there were some good looking scrims versus North American team Classic Mixup as well, but be sure to tune in tonight to see iM play vs. all the best NA and EU teams in the round robin stage where the competition really does start to matter.

And if you can't burn the midnight oil to watch iM play overseas, be sure to find the vods in this thread.

Be sure to get around iM and show your support any way you can. Bring home the trophy boys!
August 17th 2014, 18:22
by Kenneth
International News
Australia's very own Team Immunity is currently over in the UK getting ready to fight toe to toe with the top foreign competition. They are currently boot camping in preparation for Insomnia 52, where the best TF2 players from all over the world will compete to claim the title of the best team in the world. Along with a whole slew of ankle biter European teams there will be European giants Epsilon and AwS while the North American Scene are sending over their best in Froyotech and Classic Mixup.

However, if you can't wait till next weekend till i52 starts and you need your fill of Team Immunity now, this weekend there is a one day online competition that iM will be competing in, the CyberLeague.EU Invitational, which will include many top european teams. Unfortunately, the current European number one Epsilon did have to drop out of the tournament, but AwS was sitting right there to claim first seed instead and iM therefore has second seed for the tournament.

Tune in to TeamFortress.TV at the following times tonight if you are around and willing to burn the midnight oil to watch the action. All times are in Sydney time (AEST).

Sunday 17th August
Round 1: 10:00 PM
Winners Round 2: 10:45 PM
Losers Round 1: 11:30 PM

Monday 18th August
Losers Round 2: 12:15 AM Monday 18th August
Winners Semi-final: 1:30 AM
Losers round 3: 2:15 AM
Losers Semifinals: 3:00 AM
Grand Final: 3:45 AM

In related news, the long awaited i49 Fragumentary by Cube and Bones is being released just after the Cyberleague.eu tournament. It will feature frags and interviews from the worlds best, including Team Immunity. Watch the trailer below to take a look.

If you'd like to see it the second it comes out, you can preorder it in 1080p 60fps download at i49.tf, but if you're slightly more patient and are alright with seeing it in a measly 30fps, then you can wait the next day when it's released on youtube.

As always best of luck to the iM boys while they are over in Europe kicking butt for Australia.

August 7th 2014, 00:53
by madjack
ozfortress news

We have substantial proof to believe the following player is using game altering exploits. This is deemed an unfair advantage for the player against others and regarded as a cheat, therefore the below player is suspended from ozfortress for a minimum period of 2 years. We also believe there are other players using this exploit and will continue in our investigation of those cases.

isolation has been banned from ozfortress.com, the community's competitions, and #ozfortress for a period of 2 years, after which time the person will be on permanent probation. If they are found aliasing during their competition bans, their ban duration will be extended.

isolation [STEAM_0:1:67704859] - 2 years
Should ANY clans in ANY ozfortress competitions be found housing this member, the team will be permanently removed from our competitions and face hefty bans for all members involved.


Big ups to all the teams that played in the tournament tonight. It was a very fun even to organize and we appreciate everyone who showed up to give it their best in an unproven format. Special congratulations to all teams who have placed in their respective brackets as followed:

1st - Team Immunity
2nd - L O I T E R S Q U A D
3rd - Demons of Hell

1st - Masters of pasta
2nd - anime_sucks
3rd - m8s

1st - SBS
2nd - Bikey Boyz
3rd - WyR

Prizes for Access have been delivered already, while prizes for Pro and Amateur will all be out by the end of the week (but hopefully a majority by tomorrow night). Team captains please contact me for prize distribution.

There are quite a few people to give shoutouts to but first a big shoutout to Ryan from VolarEspots for sponsoring the majority of the prizes for this competition. We certainly didn't expect prizes of this magnitude for our first tournament, and we really appreciate the sponsorship. Also shoutout to Tommunist for throwing in a few more keys to fill out prizes for the Access bracket.

As for other shoutouts, I couldn't have done it without the excellent team behind this tournament. Thanks to Fear and Tonberry for both casting and admining the Amatuer and Access brackets. Thanks to Tommunist for helping with making sure this was the tournament that top level teams wanted, and as well thanks to Snowblind and Homer for being available for him to bounce ideas off of.

Also thanks to Ryno for being our ozfortress liaison and general all around helpful guy. Thanks to Russell for designing all the media for the night and helping out with the stream production.

There are many things about this tournament that will need to be added onto and improved upon. Please post here with any and all feedback about the tournament: your experience playing in it, watching it, and/or organising your team for it.

A big reminder that all the bracket threads for the upcoming VolarEsports One Night Cup are all currently posted. Please check in for your first match, make sure you add your admin, and get in contact with the opposing team for the first round matches.

connect badger.ipgn.com.au:27035

The Brackets are as following in seeded order

Team Immunity
6 Pump Chumps
Demons of Hell
Mofag Genocide
Sunday Robot Crack House
Team Liquid
Shrimps on Fire

Team Insidious
Masters of Pasta
Volar Esports

Bikey Boyz
Talk Shit Get Hit
Casual Pirates
Would you Rather?
Secretly Spooked

As always big thanks to Ryan from VolarEsports for sponsoring this tournament.
Best of luck to all teams and players
July 12th 2014, 14:52
by stv!
OWL News

After a few weeks wait post-season, I am pleased to announce that winners / participation medals for OWL11 have been issued to your accounts.

As per the issuing of medals in OWL10, teams that disbanded during the season have not been issued with medals. HOWEVER teams that played a semi-final but did not play a final have had their medals issued. If you were listed on a team that should have received a medal and haven't received yours, please get in contact with me. Please double check your team's roster before you message me, because I will check.

Welcome to the VolarEsports One Night Cup one night cup brought to you by Ryan from VolarEsports and TFLIVE.

What is this?

The VolarEsports One Night Community Cup is a two division 8 team bracket one night cup, using a first to five/30 minute single elimination format.

When is this?

Starting at 7pm AEST/ADST on Sunday the 13 of July, the competition will go through until we have a winner, most likely a 10-10:30 finish.


Yes that's right, VolarEsports has sponsored this tournament and put forward a myriad of TF2 items. We're proud to announce that both brackets will have prizes as following:

First place - 6 TF2 earbuds
Second place 18 keys
Third place 6 keys

First place - 36 keys
Second place - 12 keys
Third place - 6 keys

Check here for full rules and signups.
OWL News


[Match Thread]

Process: 5-0 SACRED.tf

1st half: livelogs
2nd half: livelogs

Granary: 5-3 SACRED.tf

1st half: livelogs
2nd half: livelogs

Congratulations to SACRED.tf for capping off a stellar debut OWL with an impressive win over some solid competition. Commiserations to Would You Rather?, who fought valiantly for a solid lead on Granary (and looked to be taking it to a deciding map), only to be thwarted in the second half.



Champions SACRED.tf
Best Scout Kai, Down, Fetchi
Best Pocket Soldier Zin, ckm
Best Roaming Soldier Ishine, Bair
Best Medic Natz, Patz
Best Demoman Drazil, Bon Rurgandy
Best Utility Cogzy

Most Improved Player Bravlow, Zin, Spas
Most Valuable Player Drazil
Most Improved Team Team Energy, Talk Shit, Get Hit
Friendliest Team Saucy Wizards, PixelSnipe

I'd like to thank all the participants in division 5 for joining the competition. I hope you enjoyed your first OWL.. With twice as many teams to manage and fewer admins across the board, I'm regretful that I wasn't able to get to know the players as well as I normally attempt to, however I hope to see plenty of faces in future competitions as experience grows
OWL News

~ OWL11 Division 5 ~

SACRED.tf vs Would You Rather?


STV: connect badger.ipgn.com.au:27035

Good luck, guys