August 29th 2015, 19:39
by Brodogs
International News

For those of you who have been living under a rock the past few days, Insomnia55 kicks off its day 2 matches at 7pm AEST.

The dominant froyotech take on the so far struggling [R]eason Gaming on the main stream, though no one should count out [R]eason given their solid performance vs Ascent, knocking them into the lower bracket. On twitch.tv/teamfortresstv2 we have an excellent match with nerdRage.tf2 taking on a surprisingly on-form The Last Resort.

TLR and froyotech are both so far undefeated having tied their match against one another, with the Americans in particular strutting their stuff in Coventry. Make sure to catch the matches tonight as they are at a really convenient time for us lucky Aussies!

To keep up with the action, head over to our i55 discussion thread.
August 29th 2015, 15:55
by Kenneth
The following rule has been added to the owl ruleset as a result of the recent captains vote:
6F. Disallowed mechanic: Weapon Pickup

All weapon pickups are disallowed. This will be enforced by a configuration requiring sourcemod, "sm_cvar tf_dropped_weapon_lifetime -1". If the server you are playing on does not prevent weapon drops, picking up a weapon will be considered a rule breach.
Please note that this is not just limited to the medigun, ALL weapon pickups are banned. This is in effect for all finals matches for div 3 and lower, and the lower bracket final and grand final for div 2 and premier.

The configuration change will be active on ozfortress servers sometime tonight.

August 28th 2015, 22:58
by Brodogs
TF2 News

The year's biggest TF2 event of the year, Insomnia55 has it's group stage kicking off 3 hours. Thanks to generous donations from Backpack.tf and teamfortress.tv user Bobsplosion, the TF2 event has the largest prizepool at i55. The invite bracket consists of 6 teams closer in skill than any before, so make sure to check it out!

For more details and discussion, make sure to head over to head over to this thread.
August 27th 2015, 20:07
by Kenneth
Team captains are advised to nominate their team members for awards voting for this season. Nominations will remain open till Tuesday September 1st. Nominations and voting are required to receive medals for your team, so please ensure your team captain is on the ball regarding this

August 25th 2015, 16:44
by Kenneth

After some internal deliberation we have decided to put the allowance of the weapon pickup function to a team vote. Each captain must submit a vote for this question:

"Would your team like to see the weapon pickup functionality disallowed for the remainder of ozfortress winter league 14. Yes or No."

We have built the capability to remove weapon pickup on servers that run sourcemod, which all ozfortress servers do. If we gain a majority Yes vote, we will change our configs to expire all weapon drops immediately upon death. If this config does not run, or if the match is being played on a server which does not support sourcemod, any weapon pickup will result in a rule breach.

If we gain a majority No vote, no rule change will be instituted for the remainder of owl regarding this.

Please submit your votes by filling out the following form and sending it via ozfortress PM to Kenneth. If you are not a captain of your team, please do not submit a vote. This vote will close Thursday 27th 11:00PM, is binding, and will be put in effect from Sunday 30th if the Yes votes have a majority.
Team Name:
Vote: Yes/No
August 15th 2015, 01:24
by Kenneth
OWL News

Here we are! Premier and division 2 finals are afoot and we are really excited for the next few weeks. Brodogs will be bringing us all the sweet sweet casts and you all better get ready to loose all your buds in these great finals matches. Match threads will be up tomorrow morning. We wish all teams in finals best of luck! There are a few decisions we've made around finals that we would like to communicate.

Best of 5 Grand Finals

Premier and Division 2 finals will be best of 5 with no advantages to either team. This will only be for the Grand Final match, not the previous matches to get to this point.

This is designed to bring a even playing field for each team, and allow the best TF2 to be played and broadcasted on the night. It also allows us to have a large variety of maps and place more importance on playing TF2 well on a variety of environments rather than placing huge importance on one map win.

This is still up for debate if we decide to go this way for other divisions, and this will be communicated before divisions 3-5 finals.

Map Picks

We've slightly tweaked the map picking procedure for all finals matches. This will apply to all finals for every division.

  • The higher seeded team (home team) will choose if they wish to pick first or second
  • The first picker acording to the previous step will ban one map
  • The second picker will ban a map
  • The first picker will select a map to play
  • The second picker will select a map to play
  • The first picker will select a tiebreaker map
This provides the choice between a picking advantage or a maps advantage to the home team. A picking advantage forces your opponent to choose blind, potentially picking maps that you would have picked anyway, essentially giving you two picks and/or bans. A maps advantage is obvious, as it allows you to pick both the first map and a second map while your opponent only gets to pick one.

The best of 5 finals picking scheme will be similar with two extra picks.

August 10th 2015, 05:32
by Kenneth

Hello all Premier and Division 2 Players! Just a quick reminder that this is the last week of your regular season before we head on into your double elimination finals. This means from this week onwards, a few things change for you guys. First of all, no more extensions! All matches must be played within the round because we cannnot generate the next weeks fixtures untill all matches for that round are completed. If your team is delinquent in organising matches during finals, you may be forced into a forfeit loss. Don't let that happen.

Additionally, mercenaries may not be used in finals. Make sure you have a roster full of backups, and this week is the last to get those transfers in for that as well. Make sure you submit your transfer applications before Thursday so we can get them all in your team. If you need to exceed your three transfers to remain stable, please contact me or shrak right away so we can sort you out.

Just a note on match threads, they are the only truly official form of communication when it comes to match organisation. If you wish to organise via steam, that's fine, but please post your chatlots to keep admins in the loop and the other team honest. Especially as we go into finals, make sure those are well utilized and checked on the regular. Reminder that matches need to be organised by the time Sunday night comes around, as that is the first match night of the week.

Prem/Div2: Enjoy your finals! Everyone else: There's still three more weeks of regular season matches, so see you guys in a few weeks. Make sure to keep talking to your divisional admins if anything comes up.

July 15th 2015, 22:21
by Kenneth
The weapon pickup function added in the gunmettle update is not banned and will not be banned. All weapon pickups, including pickups of mediguns, are fully allowed. We wanted to clarify this as it is not specifically outlined in the rules.
July 12th 2015, 00:46
by Kenneth

pump and dump
Team Impunity
Premium Players
andy c appreciation society

Great Gravy
Comrades Lost
Too Young To Math

graveyard of prem dreams*
Generic TF2
Get These casual Scouts Off Me! **
party team 420
Tobias Cooper Appreciation Society
Amateur Riceconsumers
Should be Studying
Role Players
* hobbes + Ransibling + daveii restricted from soldier
* Disturbed restricted from scout, sniper
* smithsonian restricted from demoman
** Johno restricted from demoman
** Turok restricted from scout and sniper

Admin Abuse
Team MemeSeries *
Pregame Tryhards
This is the End
Potato Quality
* Peanut restricted from demoman
* Solus restricted from scout

The Resurrected Six
Classy Gentleman
Maccas LAN Party
The Dancing Snowmen from Mars
High6 Plus Sassy m8

کγkøtik کląγεr
Spire Stars
Meeseeks and Destroy
carpet cleaners

Match threads will be posted by tomorrow as early as possible. Sunday is a valid match day. Challonge invites will be sent out as soon as possible.

Best of luck to all teams.

July 9th 2015, 20:36
by rhK
OWL News

Currently we have a limited number of signups. I understand most teams will wait until they finish scrims tonight. However, this is the list of confirmed signups:

Multiplex - High6
pump and dump - Seven
Too Young To Math - MASIF
Percy - Maccas LAN Party
Premium Players - GTSOM!
Great Gravy - Comrades Lost
Semi UNI-cycle - Spire Stars
octowang - Classy Gentleman
Amateur Riceconsumers - die
Generic TF2 - Potato Quality
Intoxicated - This is the End
Admin Abuse - Pregame Tryhards
carpet cleaners - Team MemeSeries
andy c appreciation society - auRa
party team 420 - Meeseeks and Destroy
graveyard of prem dreams - Role Players
The Resurrected Six - Tobias Cooper Appreciation Society
The Dancing Snowmen from Mars - Should be Studying