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Thread: Sl@ve's Custom TFC

UPDATE 9-07-2015:

New texture pack now available!

UPDATE 7-01-2015:

Added default RPG (both reload and no reload options) in my transparent style.

UPDATE 11-04-2014:

Minimal weapon pack now available
New UI menu backgrounds/colours/font/scoreboard (new font works in-game too)
Voice and saveme sprites
Updated backpack (minimal reskin of toon backpack)
Various texture pack fixes

Huge update from my previous minimalist pack including a good range of colours for many of the items. I have also created a texture pack and high visibility toon player models.

Some of the sprites in the pack are similar to others on mrclan/customtfc but have been cleaned up/varied slightly. Majority are original.
I have not created any of the model files, but simply retextured/made transparent etc. The player models are based on SJ's toon models.
The texture pack is largely based on the Schtop and Rage textures. I created new buttons/signage/doors and replaced a lot more of the default HL textures using Schtop wall/floor textures.

Thanks to those who have helped play-test the packs, in particular Onk.
Follow the readme files, and use only as directed :)

Image uploads don't work?


Thread: What's Your MAX Stable FPS?

I've been trying to use very high FPS.I tried 500 and to my surprise I it isn't even stable and drops to low 300s or even less I think I saw.

Other(s) say they can achieve high solid FPS when they test.

Person: "if i limit to 10000 fps"
Person: "it spikes to like 1500"
Person: "but steady state ~600"

No change with default TFC.

i7 6700k 4.6
16GB DDR4 3000MHz XMP
240Hz XG258Q Anus