ozfortress Sixes Season 16

Open - Round #3

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Sunday At 7:30pm Syd Time?

mal Captain HSP

We were hoping for Thurs 8pm because our scouts on hols, will use one merc for Sun

i cannot play on wekdays i can only play on weekends and friday :/


Same as Xt1nct so can we play today at 7:30pm bruh?

Game at 7:30 Thursday Syd time

mal Captain HSP

we did say 7:30-8 because sometimes the work sched of one of ours can be unpredictable but whatever should be good :)


mal Captain HSP

9:28 AM - special k: my demo just quit again hahahah
9:28 AM - special k: so im using a merc today
9:36 AM - special k: are you okay with me using the same merc as last week? shes at your discretion. http://steamcommunity.com/id/Haydino/ could you please also post your mercs thanks.

mal Captain HSP

5:47 PM - pycus: https://warzone.ozfortress.com/users/313

dead pres merc confirmed.

mal Captain HSP

yes okay, confirm mine too please thanks

HSP : Thumb ml p2p pc badge taller15mal [STEAM_0:0:19068881]captain Thu Aug 4 17:51:42 2016
5:47 PM - pycus: https://warzone.ozfortress.com/users/313

dead pres merc confirmed.


:^) gg guys

mal Captain HSP

I was the away team, but here are the logs. I can teach you how if you like :)


k bb <3

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