Season 18: Open

#5: bamboozled vs Winnie the Pooh Watersports

Schedule suggestions (based on availability): Sunday, Tuesday, Thursday
Match Comms

Sunday 8pm?

6:18 PM - tolotolo: sunday is the best
6:18 PM - tolotolo: time
6:18 PM - tolotolo: 7:30 pm?
6:19 PM - meowie: sure
6:19 PM - tolotolo: sweet
6:19 PM - tolotolo: thanks
6:19 PM - meowie: confirmed 7:30 sun

bbz.spin | TFmeme: cuz his house was struck by lightning and he has no internet
bbz.spin | TFmeme: r we able to get a med merc
Helios: yeah sure
bbz.spin | TFmeme: eternal?
Helios: that reason though
bbz.spin | TFmeme: yeh its legitemate
Helios: if its legit feel sorry
bbz.spin | TFmeme: mhm
Helios: but if its a joke then good one
bbz.spin | TFmeme: he was in a storm
Helios: anyways yeah eternal should be fine
bbz.spin | TFmeme: kk ty

product - 3-1 to bamboozled
gran - 2-3 to WPWS