Season 17: Open

#8: Yeah vs back 2 the bones

Schedule suggestions (based on availability): Tuesday, Thursday
Match Comms

Sunday 9. Monday and Tuesday 8 are good for us, which would you prefer?

would prefer wed/thurs 8, might be able to do monday but that would mean our highlander team would need 4 subs/mercs

Wednesday is impossible, Thursday could be doable.

decap: yo we'll do Thursday 8
yerba*: ye
yerba*: all we can do really

Thursday 8 was agreed on.

yeah banned granary
b2b banned product
yeah picked badlands
b2b picked reckoner
yeah picked snakewater

-badlands yeah win 3-2 (gc)

-reckoner b2b win 5-4 (gc)

-snakewater yeah win 4-3 (gc)

shame last golden cap ended like that, but suuuper close gg

Ok so there's a lot to get through.

Yeah bans Granary.
back 2 the bones bans Product.
Yeah picks Badlands.
back 2 the bones picks Reckoner.
Yeah picks Snakewater.

Yeah wins Badlands 3-2 to golden cap ( and GC).
back 2 the bones wins Reckoner 5-4 to golden cap ( and GC).
Yeah wins Snakewater 4-1 to golden cap ( and GC).

Longest match I've ever played by far, gg could have been anyone's game.