ozfortress season 29

Main - Round #2

DSP Gaming
Home Team
Away Team
nurf captain
D-Fault captain
Ambrosio captain
xyph captain
janga7 captain
klebs captain
juice captain
muckmud captain
  • cp_sunshine
    DSP Gaming lost to :cancer, 1 to 2
  • cp_snakewater_final1
    DSP Gaming beat :cancer, 1 to 0
  • Availability
    Schedule suggestions (based on availability): Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday
    Match Comms

    we're talking times

    janga7 captain :cancer

    confrimed mon at 9. gl.

    janga7 captain :cancer

    Snakewater: 1-0 DSP ---- http://logs.tf/2693718#76561198125511936
    Sunshine: 2-1 :Cancer ---- http://logs.tf/2693724#76561198125511936

    ggwp man, very close and lots of fun. gl in rest of season :D