Season 17: Open

#3: Different Mentality vs Outdoors With Geoff

Schedule suggestions (based on availability): Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday
Match Comms

i would prefer next thurs 8,, but wed 8 is fine as well

Hey man!

At this stage Wednesday is looking better for us but
I'll ask the team and get back to you.

I'll swing you a Steam request in the meantime.


Hey DM,

Two of our core won't be able to make it Wednesday after all.
Does Thursday still?
I'll send Mad a steam message too.


thursday at 8 would be great, 7:30 is possible tho as well

8 works for us.
See you then!

Different Mentality won cp_reckoner_b3a (3:2) Golden Cap->
Outdoors with Geoff won cp_snakewater_u13 (5:4) Golden Cap->

**Snake Golden Cap log: