Season 27: Main

#1: guys, guys. vs peanuts without the t

Schedule suggestions (based on availability): Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday
Match Comms

6:12 PM] Raelen: ye
[6:12 PM] Raelen: as long as we can do wednesday we good
[6:12 PM] Raelen: appreciate it homeslice
[6:12 PM] fences: 9pm syd time wednesday?
[6:12 PM] Raelen: one sec
[6:39 PM] Raelen: ye this good
[6:39 PM] Raelen: thanks mang

peanuts without the t will be mercing seinfeld
[11:14 AM] Raelen: Ok Seinfeld is confirmed
[11:30 AM] fences: lit

this will be his first comp match since owl 12
it was 2014
look at his logs man hes literally open or main
can i merc trev

ive spoken to my team
you can just use boomie
sorry for the fuck around

i have buillied u into

ggs ty for the game