ozfortress season 17

Open - Round #1

Home Team
Brian Damaged
Away Team
Gears captain
rab!t captain
Silev captain
meow captain
woof captain
  • cp_badlands
    Bleh lost to Brian Damaged, 1 to 6
  • cp_process_final
    Bleh lost to Brian Damaged, 2 to 5
  • Availability
    Schedule suggestions (based on availability): Monday, Tuesday, Thursday
    Match Comms
    Silev captain Bleh

    Good for 29th Sept Thursday at 8pm AEST?

    Agreed. Confirmed Thurs 8PM.

    Silev - I have sent you a invite to discuss.

    Can we please change to Thurs 9PM? One of our members doesn't get home till after 8:30 due to soccer tryouts.

    Silev captain Bleh

    meow: heya just also found out that one of our playuers
    meow: is leaving on holidays on thurs
    meow: is it possible to do mon/tue
    meow: or only thurs is good for you this weeek?
    Silev: thurs is only good for us this week because one of our players went on camp. I think he might be back on wed/thurs
    meow: ahh okay
    meow: can we make it thurs 9 then?
    Silev: yeah sure
    meow: cool thanks
    Silev: that's fine with us, 9 AEST right?
    meow: yep
    Changed to 9pm thurs

    TheWiggin Administrator

    Hey guys, good work on starting your match organisation..
    Don't forget to get your captains to sign up to discord, once they are in, send me a pm so I can invite them to the captains channel.
    Cheers, wiggin

    Silev captain Bleh

    Silev approved use of merc - hipster [U:1:103067289]