ozfortress Sixes Season 21

Open - 2

Medic Took 8
Home Team
KhairuL's Legacy Reborn
Away Team
catwang Captain
Shared Availability
Schedule suggestions (based on both team's shared availability): Sunday, Tuesday, Thursday
Match Communications (Match Comms)

Can we play on Sunday Feb 4 @8 pm AEST?

we'll be playing on sunday feb4 @9pm AEST

11:22 PM - boon: yeah
11:22 PM - boon: sunday 9
11:22 PM - Do it for her -> Uni: alright
11:22 PM - Do it for her -> Uni: ty


boon: can we use 1 merc
Do it for her -> Uni: for?
boon: for the match
boon: XD
Do it for her -> Uni: yours?
boon: yes
Do it for her -> Uni: sure

Do it for her -> Uni: we might need to use mercs too
Do it for her -> Uni: if that's ok with you
Do it for her -> Uni: our med's net is shaky
boon: YEAH
boon: yeah

boon: what server are we using
Do it for her -> Uni: I'll book it
boon: i need to know first
boon: cos our ping might be too unstable for the server
Do it for her -> Uni: wiat
Do it for her -> Uni: wait
Do it for her -> Uni: for officials, we have to use ozf servers
boon: ik
Do it for her -> Uni: so, i guess rip your ping.
boon: some ozf server we have 100 ping there
boon is now playing Team Fortress 2. Click here to join.
Do it for her -> Uni: yeah, not much we can do about that
boon: whats the password for ozf servers
Do it for her -> Uni: we'll give it to you when its time
boon: ok
boon: we can use ozf 13 and ozf 16
boon: thats the only 2 we can use
Do it for her -> Uni: i don't get to pick which server i book
Do it for her -> Uni: its just gives me a random one with the booking system

any ozf servers should be fine

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