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It's that time again. We're looking for those, typically of the gamer persuasion, who are willing and committed to making the Australian Team Fortress community better in some way. This time, we're looking specifically for anyone who has some interest in league administration. No experience is required, but if you have ever had the itch to help effect significant change within this region's competitive scene, or be a committed part of said team, we'll be looking forward to seeing your application!

Please note that if you submitted an application in the last round, it will still be reviewed in this round!

The following application is open, and you can click on the link to go to the application thread and make a submission!

  • League Administrator - both Sixes and Highlander administrators!
  • For Sixes, we will be looking to fill 1-3 positions, and ask that anyone applying have at least 4-5 seasons behind them. In particular, if you are currently or have recently competed in Premier, we would be interested in filling one of the positions with you provided you are the right fit for the team.
  • For Highlander, we have no current plans to commit to filling any positions, however, things do change seasonally so if you are interested, please do apply!

There isn't an application for it, but if you have experience in developing Discord bots, or generally applicable development experience for working on a Discord bot project, and are interested in helping ozfortress, please DM core#6440 on Discord.

The ozfortress staff team.