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Hey everyone,

Sorry for the late notice regarding playable match days surrounding LAN Downunder 2022. We had initially planned a week break prior to the conception of ozfortress Highlander, however, with Highlander's introduction, we worried about the feasibility of extending the overall season length as it would eat even further into the off-season. We have since decided that we will be extending the current Round 7 Sixes (6v6) and Round 3 Highlander (HL) matches by a week, allowing teams to play and schedule their matches for either week. Please do not hesitate to contact an administrator via #sixes-support or #highlander-support. You can also make use of our Competition Support ticket via #ticket-support if you want more direct support from multiple members of the staff team.

The amended playable match days for the current league rounds can be seen below:
- Sunday 26/06/2022 to Thursday 07/07/2022 for Sixes
- Monday 27/06/2022 to Friday 08/07/2022 for Highlander

Safe travels to those attending the LAN at GIC Esports Arena in Melbourne, and if you want to catch the action from the comfort of your gaming chair or lounge, be sure to tune into CappingTV's coverage of the event! You can find some useful viewing information below.

The ozfortress staff team.