core League Director


Signups & Seedings Period

Monday 30th May 2022: Signups Open
Thursday 9th May 2022: Signups Close, Rosters Locked
Saturday 11th / Sunday 12th June 2022: Seedings Released

Season Key Dates

Monday 13th June – Friday 17th June 2022: Round 1
Monday 20th June – Friday 24th June 2022: Round 2
Monday 27th June – Friday 8th July 2022: Round 3
Monday 11th July – Friday 15th July 2022: Round 4 (Final Transfer Window & Roster Lock)
Monday 18th July – Friday 22nd July 2022: Round 5

Playoffs Key Dates

Monday 25th July – Friday 29th July 2022: Page Playoffs
Monday 1st August – Friday 5th August 2022: Semi-Finals
Monday 8th August - Friday 12th August 2022: Grand Finals


All brackets will be using the page playoff system for their finals. Matches with a single listed date will be locked to that date, and those with a range will be negotiated within that range similar to regular-season matches.