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This is a continuation of my original Headphone Guide on ozfortress which can be found here.


I am not an audiophile, I love music, gaming and technology but am new to it all compared to many. I thought an inexperienced opinion may help others who also have little experience make decisions. I wanted to keep it simple so that if I was reading it I would undertstand.

I got the opportunity during my second Akibahara/Japan trip to try and thoroughly examine some nice headphones and thought I would share.

Music Tested:

EPROM, Flume, Suicide Silence, La Dispute, Ghetts, OFWGKTA and various classical tunes.
These were tested through an AT-HA65 Headphone amp and straight out of an ipod classic and iphone 5s. It is also worth noting that the environment in Akibahara was loud and not ideal for testing but I think it gave me a rough idea.

When applicable closed and open backed were tested with the open back providing (in general) a “fresher” and “deeper” soundstage with slightly reduced bass. Furthermore the open backed leak sound in and out (personal note, I had no idea how much they leaked until I tried them… its a lot)

This is a list of currently discussed and reviewed headphones/sets which can be found at the original guide
- Apple Earpods
- Plantronics 780
- Corsair 1500
- ATH AD700x
- ATH AD900x
- ATH AD1000x
- ATH AD2000x
- HD598
- Beyerdynamic DT880 Pros
- K7XX
- Q701
- Sennheiser HD558
- Sennheiser HD600
- Sennheiser HD600
- Logitech g35
- AKG 553 Pro's

Post Below in the following format if you have something to share:
Bass: /10
Treble: /10
Mic: /10
Comfort: /10
Directional audio/soundstage: /10
Price: $

Lakeland 1210
Bass: 7/10
Treble: 4/10
Mic: NA/10
Comfort: 9/10
Directional audio/soundstage: 6/10
Price: $

pretty cheap and good but lacking in midrange

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quid wrote:

Lakeland 1210

Is this a joke about an apple corer?

the guide i've been living for