core General Head Administrator

Due to match generation issues likely arising from Round 3 being incorrectly generated (closest variation in match generation when compared to other tournament tools, unclear whether or not it was admin error or system error), there will be some duplicate matches and teams who do not play each other as they would normally.

Because of these issues, matches from potentially Round 4 (or Round 5, sadly we're not 100% certain) to Round 7 have deviated from what the Swiss System would normally pair. We are incredibly sorry for these match generation issues and have done our best to remedy the current Round 6 matches, and will be closely monitoring the generated Round 7 matches in a week's time.

We believe at this time that other divisions are unaffected by this, and the keen eyed among you will notice duplicates in Open, but they are a side effect of the two disbanded teams.

We will be instituting further measures to prevent this from reoccurring in the future. If you have any questions, concerns or feedback, feel free to send it my way (@core#6440).

Thanks for your understanding,
The ozfortress staff team.