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Congratulations High winners lawn mowers


Sunshine - 6 - 1
Process - 1 - 2
Gullywash - 3 - 2
Match Thread

Congratulations to lawn mowers on winning the OZF 32 High Grand Final against saturn.

lawn mowers came into the finals as a clear favourite to win, having won 13 out of 14 maps in the regular season matches and winning the upper page playoff match against immaculate dub. Despite this, saturn were by no means doomed for failure going into the Grand Final; in the regular season saturn and lawn mowers went to a close golden cap on granary, and in playoffs, saturn came in as 4th seed, only to go on to claw their way to the finals, showing that they are capable of upset wins. The maps picked for the finals were Sunshine, Process, and Gullywash, in that order.

On Sunshine lawn mowers came out in full force, winning the map 6-1. Despite this scoreline, the map was still fairly back and forth, but in the end lawn mowers just looked way more solid and confident which perhaps was expected, with it being their first map pick. In particular, the mid-fights were very dominant for lawn mowers, with their soldier coordination and ability to protect their medic Harry being major factors.

Process was a different story, with much longer, more gruelling rounds and an impressive performance by the saturn scouts, in particular, their combo scout vivi, who top-fragged and top-damaged the server. With the score at 1-1 and a little over 1 minute left on the clock, zias was able to flank through door 1 and force lawn mowers’ uber, leading to saturn pushing last and winning Process 2-1.

The third and final map was Gullywash. Saturn carried the momentum they had from Process into the beginning of Gully, winning the mid fight and—after some minor back and forths—the round. Although they won the first round, saturn were not able to keep their momentum train on the track, and despite trying to hold on to their lead as best as they could, lawn mowers managed to tie it up; six minutes later, lawn mowers had two more rounds on the board and the pressure was on saturn to turn things around. After a hard-fought 10 minute round, saturn were able to find a miracle exchange on lawn mowers’ last, breaking through a triple off-class defence and bringing the score to 3-2, still in favour of lawn mowers. Saturn won the next mid-fight, but wasn’t able to get past lawn mowers’ last hold, and the map—as well as the season—ended with lawn mowers winning the grand finals.

The MVP for this match goes to the lawn mower himself, andrew, who over the course of the series had the highest frags (83), dpm (303) and tied for highest K/D (1.9). He also received the highest heal percentage on his team from his medic, however, this was well deserved and was a large contributor to Harry’s excellent survivability in the finals, only dying 16 times over 3 maps, compared to conflux’s 24. Andrew’s ability to play good positions, keep his medic alive, and hit a scary amount of shots is what gives him the title of MVP for this match.

Thank you to all the players, support staff and patrons that helped make this season possible. We'll see you all again soon!


1st - lawn mowers
2nd - saturn
3rd - immaculate dub


Best Demoman: durpy
Best Medic: conflux
Best Pocket: stigma and smazza
Best Roamer: Auz
Best Combo Scout: andrew
Best Flank Scout: ozy
Best Utility: ozy

Most Improved Player: durpy
Most Valuable Player: andrew and ozy

Friendliest Team: extinction
Most Improved Team: extinction
Best Dressed Team: extinction and immaculate dub
Best Caster: seinfeld

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