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Congratulations Intermidiate God Emperor Seals


Process - 5 - 0
Product - 3 - 1
Match Thread

Congratulations to God Emperor Seals on winning the OZF 32 Intermidiate Grand Final against Terrible Tactics.

Intermediate Grand finals saw the maps Process (God Emperor Seal's pick), Product (Terrible Tactic's pick) and Gullywash (God Emperor Seal's pick) as the third. While God Emperor Seals were the ones to beat with a very strong regular season. Terrible Tactics for sure have the capability to stand on their own and while they had a rough time in the Upper Page Playoffs, they had a very close match in Round #4.

Process started off with an interesting strategy where both JD and Andyroo ran the Beggars Bazooka to the mid-fight. Their ultra-aggressive double bomb onto the combo of Terrible Tactics was instrumental to their victory of the mid-fight and set them up for quite the dominant map. After the mid-cap it didn’t take long for God Emperor Seals pick to take advantage of their uber and move into last, while the fight was slightly scrappy God Emperor Seals pick was able to get the first round in under 2 minutes. The rest of the rounds had Terrible Tactics winning the mid-fights, but unfortunately never quite turned it into a round. The map ended on a 5-0 to God Emperor Seals.

Product saw a quick ready up from both teams and a fast rollout straight into the mid-fight. God Emperor Seals were confident going into this game but were certainly not going to have it easy with Terrible Tactics having the brief moments of redemption that saw them taking control of the map for a good deal of the timer. Looking at the logs of the first round God Emperor Seals pick had nearly 20 more frags than Terrible Tactics, however, this domination didn’t last long as the next few rounds saw Terrible Tactics closing the gap until an eventual round win. The map ended with a score of 3-1 to the dominant God Emperor Seals making them the ozfortress S32 Intermediate winners.

Thank you to all the players, support staff and patrons that helped make this season possible. We'll see you all again soon!


1st - God Emperor Seals
2nd - Terrible Tactics
3rd - Avo's Cados


Best Demoman: pengstah
Best Medic: Hawk
Best Pocket: JD
Best Roamer: Andyroo
Best Combo Scout: bishaminty
Best Flank Scout: hungry
Best Utility: apa3

Most Improved Player: ethan
Most Valuable Player: bishaminty

Friendliest Team: Terrible Tactics
Most Improved Team: Avos Cados
Best Dressed Team: herbs and spices
Best Caster: seinfeld

who was mvp in finals

justice for the gullywash floor scout

xhair @ y -23