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Congratulations Premier winners soirée!


Gullywash - 4 - 3 (Combined log, GC)
Process - 4 - 3 (Combined log, GC)
Snakewater - 3 - 1
Match Thread

soirée, you know their history. That's what X-files had to contend with, and did they ever. They may have only brought the series to three maps, but make no mistake, they were pure competition. They had plenty of time in the latter half of the season to get familiar with each other too, with both teams meeting up in Round 5, Upper Page Playoffs and the final fateful Grand Finals encounter.

The maps (is this a pug?)

In a series of maps eerily reminiscent of a pug, soirée began the picks and bans by removing Sunshine, X-files responding by eliminating the newest map in the pool. With bans complete, it was time to begin the pug. Gullywash pulled out by soirée, X-files clap back with Process, and in an absolute shocker to no one, Snakewater was the third. The honourable mentions, X-files picked up Product, and soirée with Granary. Whilst we never got to see the last two picks played, Gullywash, Process and Snakewater did guarantee a show.

Gullywash and Process were both taken to Golden Cap, both reaching the same 4-3 scoreline in favour of soirée, both hitting a total runtime of forty minutes. Both sets saw surprisingly balanced performances out of every player, with cooki bringing out the patent-pending Force of Nature, silvo and HERTZ bringing up the rear with the espionage specialist. Sadly, only one was a specialist with espionage, the other made frequent use of the "skill-less" Big Earner. That does wrap up all of the notable funky unlock usage for the first two maps, Snakewater tallying up to 3-1 for soirée spelt the end for X-files's hopes at a Grand Final win, while their performance declined on the third map, pulling it to time by only dropping two rounds.

Our MVP of the Grand Final!

It's hard to pick out an MVP, especially when the three candidates are all on the same team, but the MVP for the Premier Grand Final goes to cooki for their continued use of the Force of Nature. There's using an unlock as a gimmick, and then there's pulling off 22 frags and 82% accuracy with it. Snakewater saw the fabled return of the cursed weapon and maintained cooki's infamous reputation whilst still performing very well.

Congratulations to soirée on winning the OZF 32 Premier Grand Final against X-files!

It didn't reach any further than three maps, but it was the Premier Grand Final, and it certainly did not disappoint. Thank you to all the players, support staff and patrons that helped make this season possible. We'll see you all again soon!


1st - soirée
2nd - X-files
3rd - xeno


Best Demoman: enrith
Best Medic: lau
Best Pocket: HERTZ
Best Roamer: silvo
Best Combo Scout: cooki
Best Flank Scout: Elmo and AiShou
Best Utility: Elmo and silvo

Most Improved Player: Paulsen
Most Valuable Player: enrith

Friendliest Team: updog
Most Improved Team: Bad Dentists.
Best Dressed Team: soirée
Best Caster: seinfeld

Very well deserved Paulsen on Most Improved player in Season 32 of the ozfortress Premier Division 🙏🙏
All those demos reviews I helped you with during the season really paid off