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First of all, Happy New Year! Second, we would like to congratulate the winners of Season 32 from each division, expect to see the (mostly) typical winner's threads out in the next couple of days. Typically the winner's threads would be posted by now, however, we are re-evaluating them for 2022. For now, you'll see a slightly different winners post than you’re used to, but who knows what the future holds.

With a lot of the changes we aim to bring in 2022, we needed more specialized staff roles to fulfil these new needs. As such, we have been building teams to tackle these challenges and soon you’ll see who. But for now, we are sad to announce that skaz has stepped down from the League Admin team. We wish him the best in his future. With this we would also like to remind everyone, League Administrator applications are still open, and you are always welcome to resubmit your application, edit it (and let us know), or if you are no longer interested, remove it.

Many of you will have noticed over the last three months that the official ozfortress servers have been down, leaving Qixalite as the only provider in the region. We would like to thank them for their continued community server service which has enabled players within our league to easily book a server and play. The last mention of ozfortress servers suggested that a SourceMod issue had caused an issue, which at the time was true, however it ended up being continued problems with our colocation provider, sol1. The servers have not been operational now for a couple of months, and we have been looking at potential solutions going forward. Whilst we aren’t entirely sure what solution we will go with at this stage, we aim to have a solution sorted prior to Season 33.

Speaking of solutions, our post-season poll is now up. You can find the poll here or below. You will notice there are a bunch of changes with the poll this time around. We are committed to making meaningful changes to not only how we collect feedback, but in communicating when and how we are implementing it. With the release of this poll, we have also released the previous poll’s data on the whitelist, maps and off-season cups.

This poll has some significant differences from the previous September 2021 poll. This time around, we have removed a lot of the high percentage questions and left the more disputed questions. You will notice a new section for more fixes from TF2 Comp Fixes, areas to provide feedback directly to authors of some community-made maps, and sections aimed at improving future polls. We have also included a section for Premier players from Season 32 to submit their feedback (and any from previous seasons are also welcome to fill out applicable questions).

The keen-eyed amongst you will notice our blurb in the poll regarding the Global Whitelist. As of Season 33, we will no longer be following the Global Whitelist. What does this mean for future seasons? How about current allowed and banned unlocks? Nothing new. Whilst we aren’t participating in the Global Whitelist, the whitelist for Season 33 will remain identical, with future seasons potentially seeing change based on combined poll data from multiple polls. The Global Whitelist provided every participating league and region with the same weapon unlocks for LAN events. It accomplished this and still does, however, we feel that it is more important our community as a whole has more control over the direction of weapon unlocks going forward. This doesn’t mean we’re totally ditching the Global Whitelist, just for the foreseeable future.

If you made it through reading that, you’re a champ. We’re looking forward to 2022, we’ve got a lot planned and we hope to deliver a much better TF2 experience for you all.

The ozfortress staff team.

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