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we want you

We are looking for people with some level of experience managing social media or who are inherently more present on social media than the average TF2 player and their Twitter. We are aiming to increase our overall social presence along with our communication with the community in every facet.

To submit your application, please make a new thread here. Your submission can only be seen by the ozfortress admin team and yourself.

When submitting an application, use this template:

Discord ID (eg. core#6440):

TF2 Background (Also let us know a little bit about you!):

Previous Experience (Do you have experience with managing social media for a business, organization or event? This isn't necessary of course, but is a huge bonus!):

Why do you want to join the ozfortress PR team? What do you aim to bring to the PR team:

This isn't necessary, but what and/or how do you think you could improve our social media and PR?