catfish Administrator & Head of Anti-Cheat

The ozfortress admin team is currently looking to pick up some more staff members prior to OZF 32. We are taking applications for league admins as well as Anti-Cheat staff.

For league administrators, we are primarily looking for motivated members of the community who are interested in helping us improve the league and create a better ozfortress for everyone. Previous experience is preferred however it is not required, we will consider every application. If you would like to apply for either of these positions, please post a response in the thread below using the template provided. For Anti-Cheat staff, previous experience with anything related to cheating and coding is preferable however applications with little experience will still be considered.

If you are submitting an application again, please post your application again in a new thread.

You can submit your admin application here!

You can submit your Anti-Cheat application here!

Thank you
The ozfortress administration team