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Congratulations Main winners sugma


Sunshine - 3 - 2 GC
Process - 3 - 2 GC
Match Thread

Congratulations to sugma on winning the OZF 31 Main Grand Final against oportotech.

In a rematch of their upper page playoff in which oportotech upset the favourites, sugma in a very tight 3 map affair, both teams would have been confident going into the grand final.

Sunshine began with the typical rotational attrition that we expect from the map, before some excellent late fight coordination out of sugma (BLU) saw them take the first mid. A short back-and-forth between the teams eventually resulted in oportotech (RED) holding BLU on their last. Double soldier sacs were exchanged with lux landing two crisp rockets onto RED team's medic, dropping their uber. BLU were easily able to push out of their last with the pressure of uber ad, taking mid for free as both team's uber evened out. Another successful double soldier sac into RED 2nd saw them force uber as RED were forced onto their last faced with an uber disadvantage. BLU were able to capitalise on a messy uber exchange with lux securing a pivotal kill on the opposing demoman as they won their first round. The 2nd mid started and ended with a clean bomb from /dev/zero killing the BLU demoman. Trades go back-and-forth once more with the fight eventually stalemating on BLU 2nd, as RED began sending sacs into last. lux once more capitalised on RED team's poor positioning, finding and dropping their medic's uber. In an attempt to break out of lobby, BLU were forced to use their uber, and in trying to keep up the momentum attempted a push into mid, however, a crucial flank from janga stalls BLU for long enough as RED are able to regain control of BLU 2nd. A well executed 20% uber ad push into last saw BLU forced into spawn as RED easily took their 1st round. The 3rd mid again saw both teams playing rotations however some exceptional pressure from durpy saw RED crumble in a decisive mid victory to BLU with paray the only casualty. After what would be the first of many failed full uber ad pushes from BLU into RED's last, the aforementioned team were able to stabilise on BLU 2nd armed with a small, but useable uber advantage. A well coordinated uber exchange in conjunction with janga's spy "heroics" saw them collect a second round. The 4th mid began with an instant scout death from RED, followed by a successfully coordinated 3 man sac onto paray as BLU were able to stabilise on mid. An extended and very messy post uber fight eventually climaxed in an even uber stalemate on RED's last. With time running out, BLU looked to their proven playmaker, of whom didn't disappoint, with lux instigating chaos amidst a middling uber trade on RED team's last point, eventually concluding with a BLU capture. With less than a minute remaining in the map, both teams looked to golden cap to decide the map.

Golden cap began with newfound aggression out of RED, steamrolling through mid and onto second, however james was able to find a crucial kill onto the RED medic. Both teams continued to seesaw back-and-forth with many passive uber trades that saw neither team taking initiative. RED eventually manufactured some aggression into BLU last however were unsuccessful and instead spiraled backwards onto their last after a full team wipe. A decisive full uber ad push into last from BLU saw them take the round and the map in what was a very even affair. Kudos to the soldiers of BLU team for their excellent coordination and aggression, along with the relentless pressure provided by the flank of RED team.

Coming off of their win on sunshine, BLU were immediately stifled by some excellent mid coordination out of RED which saw them take the first fight. A short back-and-forth between the teams eventually resulted in an even uber stalemate over RED's last point, with lux once again the difference maker as he dropped the RED team's uber with a backstab. A fluent uber ad last push saw BLU take the first round. Another impressive display on mid from RED allowed a free BLU 2nd as ubers evened out. Once again, lux instigates a chaotic uber trade with a pick onto the RED demo although both medics are lost in the post fight. Coming back into 2nd with a small uber ad, BLU attempt a last push to no avail, losing most of their players however a backcap by the BLU flank gifts BLU their first round. The third midfight of the map saw BLU attempt to counter RED with some chaotic aggression however crucial kills out of foosa (imagine the opposite to this clip) tilted the fight in RED team's favour. Another uber trade into last, this time instigated by RED saw them re-enter post through doors 3 and 4, collapsing on the unsuspecting BLU team, granting RED their second round of the map. Once again, RED breeze to another mid victory, although are confined to mid in post. An extraordinary round ensued with a slew of uber drops out of both teams, concluding with a clean full uber ad push by RED into last in which BLU put up no opposition. With time running out and scores level, both teams would have wanted to end the map swiftly to avoid another tense golden cap. BLU started proceedings with both feet running, showing serious aggression on mid and easily took the first fight. Another succession of uber drops, courtesy of some excellent soldier pressure from both sides along with a surprising appearance from the /dev/zero sniper followed by an incredible airshot from lux to drop RED's uber eventually resulted in an exciting, but ultimately meaningless round as the clock reached 0.

With everything to play for, golden cap promised to be an exciting scrap between both teams of which had given their all in regulation time. BLU began proceedings in emphatic fashion, obliterating RED on mid with the early aggression that had been successful in the prior round. As BLU capped 2nd with little issue, the reality of a very fast defeat surely had dawned upon the RED team as they scrambled to mount a sufficient defense. However, a rushed attempt at the last point proved a crucial misplay for BLU as they were unable to counter RED's post uber collapse. Although they may have won the battle, RED soon were losing the war, again forced back onto their last although this time sitting much more comfortably amidst an even uber stalemate. BLU team, hoping to ride their potent dm into a victory, instigated an unnecessary trade into last, unsurprisingly losing their medic in the process and being forced back onto mid. RED, hoping to capitalise on their small uber ad, use through IT into mid, but unfortunately are unable to catch the BLU medic in time, wiping to the counter uber in the process. In what could be considered an action replay of the round's previous events, BLU whiff another two full uber ad pushed into RED's last and again are pushed back to their 2nd facing a full uber disadvantage. In what can be considered the match-winning play, James finds a timing onto the RED medic through sewer, dropping solsbro and in effect wiping the RED team. Sadly for RED however, it had seemed their luck had run dry as BLU stormed to last and this time were able to clinch the victory, concluding a chaotic 16 minute golden cap.

Thank you to all the players, support staff and patrons that helped make this season possible. We'll see you all again very soon!


1st - sugma
2nd - oportotech
3rd - Fear Factor


Best Demoman: Bitler
Best Medic: paray
Best Pocket: Jamuel
Best Roamer: lux
Best Combo Scout: Foosa
Best Flank Scout: janga7
Best Utility: Hirast and D-Fault

Most Improved Player: nephew
Most Valuable Player: Foosa

Friendliest Team: Salt Free Gaming.
Most Improved Team: mega girl fallacy and distant splash
Best Dressed Team: CURSED and Salt Free Gaming.
Best Caster: Luggnuts


janga7 beat rogue lol