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Congratulations Premier winners ALT


Sunshine - 4 - 1
Gullywash - 4 - 1
Clearcut - 3 - 2
Match Thread

Congratulations to ALT on winning the OZF 31 Premier Grand Final against rhombus craniums.

Coming into the final as the first seed, ALT had the first map pick and they opted for Sunshine. The map was initially close, with both teams playing passively in order to avoid giving the other team an advantage. After 11 minutes, it was ALT who gathered themselves and were able to put the first round of the series on the board. This round appeared to give them momentum as they then steamrolled three more rounds in less time it took them to take the first. With no rounds to their name and time dwindling, rhombus craniums needed multiple midfight-to-last pushes in they wanted a chance to bring the map back. They managed to get one round of their own, but ultimately ALT were able to stall them out and take the map victor 4 - 1. Doge and Elmo were a force to be reckoned with on Sunshine, with nearly 50 frags combined.

rhombus craniums chose Gullywash as their map choice, however they got off to a poor start, A quick three-minute round from ALT showed that the momentum was still clearly in their favour. rhombus craniums struggled to come up with an answer to ALT's aggression, and the home team were able to take two more rounds. Finally, rhombus craniums appeared to gather themselves and find a solution for ALT's aggression. After a gruelling ten-minute round, rhombus craniums were finally able to take their first round of the map. ALT and co. quickly asserted their dominance however, taking the next round in a very quick two minutes. With no time left for rhombus craniums to get as many rounds as they needed, the map once again ended 4 - 1 in the favour of ALT. The duo of ALT and Daz were a powerhouse on Gullywash, with both players putting out over 330 DPM.

The next map was Clearcut, the latest addition to the ozfortress map pool. rhombus craniums needed to win the map in order to keep their tournament life on the line. It initially appeared that rhombus craniums had come into the third map with a renewed vigor, as they took the first round putting them ahead on a map for the first time all evening. ALT and co. took that personally, however, and answered back with the next two rounds. It was do or die for rhombus craniums and they successfully converted when they needed to, putting us at 2 - 2 with one round left. The final round saw both teams trading point control multiple, with neither team able to find their footing and hold the point for an extended period of time. With seconds left on the clock for both teams, a fantastic Uber from ALT and co. picked up three frags. With player and heal disadvantage, rhombus craniums had no choice but to make one last push for the point but the experience of ALT was too much, and they held the point to take the map 3 - 2 and the series 3 - 0 to become your ozfortress season 31 Premier champions! Another impressive performance from Doge and Elmo with a combined 75 frags was driving force behind ALT's victory.

Thank you to all the players, support staff and patrons that helped make this season possible. We'll see you all again soon!


1st - ALT
2nd - rhombus craniums


Best Demoman: Daz
Best Medic: dogroll
Best Pocket: redcoatzygote
Best Roamer: down
Best Combo Scout: Doge.exe
Best Flank Scout: dauq
Best Utility: redcoatzygote and silvo

Most Improved Player: adolo
Most Valuable Player: Daz

Friendliest Team: ALT
Most Improved Team: Flow state
Best Dressed Team: ALT
Best Caster: quid