catfish League Director & Head of Anti-Cheat


Week 1: cp_granary_pro_rc8/cp_process_f7
Week 2: cp_process_f7/cp_snakewater_final1
Week 3: cp_snakewater_final1/cp_metalworks
Week 4: cp_reckoner_rc6/koth_clearcut_b15d
Week 5: koth_clearcut_b15d/cp_gullywash_final1
Week 6: cp_gullywash_final1/cp_sunshine
Week 7: cp_sunshine/koth_product_rcx

Please note: cp_granary_pro_rc8, koth_clearcut_b15d, koth_product_rcx, cp_reckoner_rc6 and cp_process_f7 are custom maps. If you don't already have these installed, please click the links above to download them, and then move them to your ..\Team Fortress 2\tf\download\maps directory.

The following commands can be used to change maps to the correct version. Type these commands in your console to change to it as long as you have the correct rcon password.

rcon changelevel cp_gullywash_final1
rcon changelevel cp_process_f7
rcon changelevel cp_snakewater_final1
rcon changelevel cp_metalworks
rcon changelevel cp_sunshine
rcon changelevel koth_product_rcx
rcon changelevel cp_reckoner_rc6
rcon changelevel koth_bagel_rc2a
rcon changelevel cp_granary_pro_rc8
rcon changelevel cp_kalinka_rc5
rcon changelevel cp_logjam_rc12f
rcon changelevel koth_product_rcx
rcon changelevel cp_prolands_rc2p