catfish Head Administrator


What is the format of ozfortress Autumn Cup 2021?

The ozfortress Autumn Cup 2021 will be held over two nights, the 25th and 26th of April. The first night will be the group stages, featuring a swiss bracket with best-of-one games. The second night will be the playoffs, featuring only best-of-three matches.

Will there be different divisions for the ozfortress Autumn Cup 2021?

Yes. We aim to have between 3 - 5 divisions, however the number is heavily dependent on signups.

How many teams will there be for the ozfortress Autumn Cup 2021?

The maximum number of teams we will allow is 32. In the event 32 teams sign up, signups will automatically close.

What is the maximum amount of players per team?

In ozfortress the ozfortress Autumn Cup 2021, there will be 10 players allowed on the roster for each team.

Will there be transfers?


Are we allowed to merc players?

Yes, standard merc rules apply.

How long is each round?

We allocate 45 minutes per round but we expect each round's game-time to be under 30 minutes.

How long can we pause for?

Pauses for this tournament must not last longer than 3 minutes. If there are any complications, contact your bracket's league administrator.

Will there be medals?

Unforunately, no.