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Congratulations Premier winners soirée


Snakewater - 5 - 0
Reckoner - 5 - 0
Product - 3 - 2
Match Thread

Congratulations to soirée on winning the OZF 30 Premier Grand Final against alt and the humans.

The map pick of soirée was Snakewater, however it looked like alt and the humans had come prepared as they hit the ground running in a closely fought first round. Despite some impressive plays on the side of the underdog, it was the experience of soirée that prevailed as they edged out the first round putting the scores at 1 - 0. With the first round under their belt, soirée shook off the jitters and bought their A game to alt and the humans. alt and his fellow humans had no answer for the force that was soirée firing on all cylinders, and soirée dominated the rest of the map sealing it 5 - 0 in only 16 minutes. Strong performances from everyone on soirée saw them pull through with this map, while dogroll managed to put up very solid damage numbers despite being on the losing side.

Reckoner was up next, and alt and co. needed to soirée were looking very comfortable taking the first round in just one minute and 24 seconds, with alt and the humans claiming just one frag across the entire round. Another lightning fast round put to score at 2 - 0 and things were looking dire for alt and the humans. Despite some brief signs of life from the players of alt and the humans, it was soirée that dominated their opposition's map pick and secured the map 5 - 0 in a crushing 13-minute map win. The pressure was well and truly on for alt and the humans as they were yet to get a round in the series and needed the next map to keep their champion hopes alive.

The third map was Product, and analyst desks had written alt and the humans off, predicting the soirée 3 - 0 sweep. Confidence looked low on the side of alt and the humans as they rolled a Sniper and Heavy to the first midfight, a move which many saw as a desperation play from a side that was simply out of ideas. A convincing mid win turned into a stomp, with soirée taking the first round while alt and the humans only managed to cap the point once. It looked to be business as usual for the powerhouse team going into the next round. alt and the humans looked to have pulled their socks up into the next round, trading caps and Ubers with soirée throughout the round. This reinvigorated roster pushed soirée to their limit throughout the round, however ultimately fell just short, putting soirée on championship point. Despite staring down the barrel of the gun, alt and the humans manages to retain their from from the previous round and take a convincing mid win. They continued to withstand the barrage that soirée sent, keeping the time advantage throughout the round. With no time left on the clock for alt and the humans at the end of the round, soirée had to keep the point for 30 seconds to take the map, but the chaos of alt and the humans gave them an opportunity to cap the point and take their first round of the match. A similarly close-fought fourth round saw alt and the humans once again keep time advantage consistently over soirée, with this time alt and the humans taking a much more convincing round win through coordinated teamplay. With the round score tied at 2 - 2, the momentum was heavily in the favour of alt and the humans. Off the back off a huge mid win featuring some airshot heroics from redcoatzygote, alt and the humans managed to secure an almost two minute clock advantage before soirée were able to take their first cap of the round. Despite alt and the humans edging closer and closer to a map victory, soirée kept their cool and through great individual play (including a crucial flank-into Medic pick from silvo) bought the timer back to just under a minute for each team. Some scrappy fights and trades would have given some viewers déjà vu as we once more saw alt and the humans in overtime but soirée in possession of the point. Despite failing in previous rounds when faced with this situation, soirée were able to demonstrate why they were the heavy favourites going into this match and took a great trade to run down their time on the clock. alt and the humans needed to dry push and cap into order to push the series into a fourth map but the experience and coordination of soirée proved to be too strong and they took the round in a nail-biting end to the series. dogroll once again put up very impressive damage numbers and topped the damage stats on the map, with his teammate dauq also dropping a massive 45 frags. The ever-consistent trio of cooki, silvo and enrith proved too strong, however, and were a driving force behind soirée's victory on Product. Consistent performances from both down and riot on Soldier were another factor in the victory on the night, with everyone on soirée showing up to crown them your ozfortress season 30 Premier champions!

Thank you to all the players, support staff and patrons that helped make this season possible. We'll see you all again soon!


1st - soirée
2nd - alt and the humans
3rd -


Best Demoman: enrith
Best Medic: lau
Best Pocket: riot
Best Roamer: down
Best Combo Scout: cooki
Best Flank Scout: silvo
Best Utility: namey

Most Improved Player: Paulsen
Most Valuable Player: enrith

Friendliest Team: soirée
Most Improved Team: suSpicious.
Best Dressed Team: zer0hour
Best Caster: quid