obla Retired League Director

We wish to inform you of two bugs in the game. If you suspect that the opposing team in a match is using the following two bugs (or any exploit) in a match, please inform your bracket's administrator.

1. Ubercharge through Pauses

This bug allows players with Valve Autoheal to build Uber during pauses when healing teammates. This is considered an exploit/cheat by ozfortress. Any players caught abusing this bug will be punished accordingly and ignorance is not a valid excuse. If you are using Valve Autoheal, it would be wise to turn it off until the bug has been patched.

To reduce abuse, we have temporarily disabled the 5 second countdown after the pause.

2. Stickybomb Damage through Walls

This bug allows Stickybombs to damage through walls. This bug applies to all Stickybomb Launchers.

Again, please inform your bracket's administrator immediately if you suspect bugs are being exploited.

Can you explain how to damage through walls so I as a law abiding ozfortress citizen, can mitigate any accidental bug abuse