catfish Head Administrator


What is the format of the ozfortress Summer Cup 2021?

The ozfortress Summer Cup 2021 will have multiple divisions. At this stage we are estimating anywhere between three and five divisions. Team will play two officials per week, with each official using a pick/ban system.

Why is the cup using this format?

We've opted for this more intense format for those still currently stuck with COVID-19 restrictions, limiting what they are able to do over the holiday period. Our goal is to provide a tournament for those who afflicted with holiday boredom. We would also ask that as this is a new format for the admin team, there may be teething issues as well as changes made between now and the first round of matches.

What is the maximum amount of players per team?

In the ozfortress Summer Cup 2021, there will be a limit of 10 players per roster.

Will there be medals?

At this stage, yes! We will be using the ozfortress Summer Cup 2016 models.

Can my team use a mercenary?

Yes, standard mercenary rules apply.

Will transfers be granted during the ozfortress Summer Cup 2021?

No. The roster you sign up with will be the roster you have for the entire tournament. Transfers will not be granted under any circumstances, teams must make sure they have enough players to last for the whole duration of the tournament.

Why can't we play on Thursday in week three?

As Christmas eve is a busy time for many people we decided it would be best to remove it as a match day in the final week. If two teams agree on playing one of their week three matches on Christmas eve, they must contact their division's administrator to get it reviewed.

Why is there a week off before playoffs?

Much like the previous question, due to the chaos of this time of year we decided it would be best for teams that make playoffs to have one week off rather than attempt to schedule their playoffs matches around Christmas, Boxing Day and New Year's Eve plans.