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Congratulations High winners psychology majors


Snakewater - 5 - 0
Product - 3 - 1
Match Thread

Congratulations to psychology majors on winning the OZF 29 High Grand Final against hungry i eat all day.

psychology majors began the Pick/Ban process to the dismay of the administrators by vetoing out Villa (we’re fine ok), with hungry i eat all day opting to remove Process from the process. With the third ban, psychology majors rid themselves of Granary, and hungry i eat all day concluding the Bans by kicking Metalworks out of the pool, a mix of typical and atypical choices amongst finalist teams. psychology majors choice of Snakewater could have been conceived from hungry i eat all day’s record on the map, missing one of their regular season fixtures of the map due to forfeit and losing the map in the week before that, but hungry i eat all day’s recent scrim history on the map looks relatively successful. hungry i eat all day introduced Product into the formula, perhaps due to their successful bout with psychology majors in Week 6 on the map, however, it does call into question why they also opted to ban Process considering in that same week they also took Process from psychology majors. The final map pick would come from psychology majors, bringing out Gullywash as the decider after a decent run on the map during the season.

psychology majors burst into Snakewater with an early and convincing sub-90-second round lead, immediately setting the tone for the rest of the map. But this round trend didn’t end there, psychology majors sprinted into a second middle point win after cleaning up the enemy combo early, but hungry i eat all day found their footing and slowed psychology majors’ pace. After their sprint turned into a light jog, psychology majors took another ten minutes before managing to convert the second round in their favour, concluding the longest round of the series. While psychology majors’ continued their dominating performance on Snakewater, another concerning trend emerged for hungry i eat all day. Every mid-fight from this round onwards would also fall in the favour of psychology majors and every mid hungry i eat all day would lose their medic early, with psychology majors losing their medic once. The remaining sixteen minutes saw further disarray from the side of hungry i eat all day, dropping three more rounds in this time in much the same circumstances, losing Snakewater 5-0 in twenty-eight minutes to psychology majors.

Coming from Snakewater into their own map pick, hungry i eat all day hoped to bring home the bacon with a result similar to their Week 6 official during the regular season, but low on hope from the previous map, this map needed to fall in their favour to continue onto Gullywash. You can probably see there isn’t a fourth paragraph, so let’s continue on with our post-mortem. Both psychology majors and hungry i eat all day came into this set with some underlying issues, but both brought the timer down into a possible round either way. However, while hungry i eat all day had finally come to life in this map it wasn’t enough, psychology majors managed to convert two eerily similar rounds before we saw a round on the board for hungry i eat all day after their first mid-fight win of the match, but it became evident from the mid of the fourth round that we would be seeing a return to normality for psychology majors, and in keeping with their tradition we saw the fourth round converting the map into a win for them, psychology majors finally taking the second map and closing out the series 2-0 to make them your ozfortress season 29 High champions!

Thank you to all the players, support staff, and patrons that helped make this season possible. We'll see you all again very soon!


1st - psychology majors
2nd - hungry i eat all day
3rd - Grogged


Best Demoman: BONKITUP123
Best Medic: Michael
Best Pocket: crud
Best Roamer: feggie
Best Combo Scout: sir9 and Bread
Best Flank Scout: DeDstar
Best Utility: Lev

Most Improved Player: tal
Most Valuable Player: JD

Friendliest Team: Burnt Toast Gaming
Most Improved Team: Xbox 360 Voice Chat
Best Dressed Team: Burnt Toast Gaming
Best Caster: quid