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Congratulations High winners braincels2020


Metalworks - 2 - 1
Snakewater - 3 - 1
Match Thread

Congratulations to braincels2020 on winning the OZF 28 High Grand Final against white noise.

braincels2020 started the Pick/Ban process by getting rid of Prolands, white noise unsurprisingly followed it up by removing Gullywash from the equation. With these two bans continuing their trend of eliminating any potential stalemates, braincels2020 responded with a ban on Logjam which would later be followed up by a ban on Process from white noise, perhaps due to a somewhat tremulous past on the map. With bans out of the way, we saw Metalworks, Snakewater, and then Product picked by braincels2020, white noise and then braincels2020 respectively.

braincels2020 opened Metalworks with a convincing sub-five-minute time for their first round, with their second-round coming within the first ten minutes of the map. While not a blazingly fast time for two rounds, it proved difficult for white noise to bounce back from the strong early presence fronted by braincels2020. With every mid-fight during this map converted by braincels2020 it would take a further fourteen minutes for white noise to see a glimmer of hope, with the coast-to-coast round win coming out of white noise in a staggering fifteen minutes. With this round taking almost twenty-five minutes for white noise to reach, white noise was unable to bring the map into a golden cap after trading both the middle and second points with braincels2020 for the remaining five minutes, leaving the first map 2 - 1 to braincels2020.

Coming into Snakewater, braincels2020 gave no reprieve to white noise after a hard-fought loss on the first map, closing their first two rounds in under four minutes. Not even five minutes in, white noise showed up to what could have been their first impactful mid-fight of the entire match with the Heavy Weapons Guy but in some indescribable confusion their heavy had hit their kill bind and the other team lost a player on the rollout. Moving on from the baffling mid-fight (or lack thereof), white noise closed out their first round of the map within the next three minutes. white noise kicked off the mid-fight of the fourth round with a dominant showing, but that quickly faded over the gruelling near twenty-one minute round, trading point possession with braincels2020 consistently but no one getting truly close to closing out the round. With the map timer about to tick down to only one minute remaining, braincels2020 finally managed to capture the final point and effectively secured their match win 3-1 against white noise, crowning them your OZF 28 High champions!

Thank you to all the players, support staff, and patrons that helped make this season possible. We'll see you all again soon!


1st - braincels2020
2nd - white noise
3rd - cheesewheel


Champions: braincels2020
Best Demoman: Bonk
Best Medic: max
Best Pocket: Tesla
Best Roamer: sunbear
Best Pocket Scout: Fez
Best Flank Scout: Bread and zias
Best Utility: Bread

Most Improved Player: zias
Most Valuable Player: Fez

Friendliest Team: Saharan Spies™
Most Improved Team: Saharan Spies™
Best Dressed Team: cheesewheel
Best Caster: BigFellaGoose