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Congratulations Intermediate winners whats our name


Snakewater - 2 - 3
Logjam - 2 - 1 (GC)
Process - 2 - 1
Match Thread

Congratulations to whats our name on winning the OZF 28 Intermediate Grand Final against superheroes.

Snakewater was decided to be the first map of the night by superheroes. The first 15 minutes was a hard fought constant back and forth but whats our name took the first round off the back off a drawn-out sniper fight. superheroes. quickly followed with a return round. The next round started and kcaj decided he needed to be a real superhero and melee his way into winning the 2nd round for his team. The fourth round continued with another battle of snipers but ended with 3:40 remaining to superheroes. capping it out with a Heavy to make it 3 - 1! Susu was able to backstab the Medic of superheroes. to be able to take the last round with 8 seconds remaining to finish the map 3 - 2 to superheroes.

The next map of the night would be Logjam! Another lengthy 10-minute starter round with strong defensive last holds by both teams but was eventually broken by a smart backcap by DeDstar. Some smart rockets by A5ton denied the Spy from whats our name when holding last but, unfortunately for him, it was not enough as whats our name was able to push into last and cap it out to even up the scores 1 - 1! After superheroes. lost the next midfight - and their Medic in the process - whats our name capped it out and was looking at pushing into last with full Uber ad. DeDstar was not having it and was able to backcap mid and almost back capped the second point as well! His sneaky run was eventually brought to an end but it forced whats our name to delay long enough for superheroes. to get their Uber up to hold second. This seemed to be a game-winning decision as they held second and pushed into the enemy's second point with Skyy pistoling the whats our name Medic down with three minutes left to gain a full Uber advantage! A very strong defensive fight ensued with bill going Heavy and forcing the game to go to a golden cap byt not letting superheroes to cap! The golden cap round started and quickly had whats our name on the ropes. Susu had to hold last alone fighting three of the superheroes players. Susu was able to take one down and survive long enough for teammate bill to respawn and help fight the others and cling to life in the golden cap. whats our name continued this momentum to push superheroes. all the way back to their last! superheroes. thought they had it after whats our name had a failed last push but scandalous and bill were able to sneak behind and give superheroes. a taste of their own medicine and backcap! whats our name take out the golden cap to make it 2 - 1, sending us into a third map!

Process would be the decider for the night. Once again it was a slow start with a nine minute first round but whats our name was able to take the first mid and eventually cap up the first round. There was a déjà vu moment as superheroes. once again quickly responded with a return round to even the scores at 1 - 1. whats our name was able to respond with a second round to give them the advantage of 2 - 1 with 25 minutes remaining. The next midfight was played slow with both teams not wanting to commit very hard and that would be the tune of the next 17 minutes. An unfortunate server ping issue forced a pause with 8 minutes on the clock. During this pause, tal accidentally hit his kill bind command! Disaster had struck his team but the amazing sportsmanship from superheroes allowed whats our name to get Uber on the condition they gave up their hold on second and retreated to last to continue play. The last remaining minutes had whats our name continue to have strong defensive holds despite the constant onslaught of attack from the superheroes. squad. The final siren went off with whats our name standing on their second point and very happy to have the game end with them on top 2 - 1 as the final score, making them you OZF 28 Intermediate champions!

Congratulations to both teams to a very entertaining and well-fought Grand Final!

Thank you to all the players, support staff, and patrons that helped make this season possible. We'll see you all again soon!


1st - whats our name
2nd - superheroes.
3rd - The Dark Side.


Champions: whats our name
Best Demoman: morphe
Best Medic: sea anarchy
Best Pocket: adam
Best Roamer: rintincan
Best Pocket Scout: Susu
Best Flank Scout: bill
Best Utility: rats0up

Most Improved Player: Andyroo
Most Valuable Player: morphe

Friendliest Team: Homies with Extra Chromies and Frydog and The Council of Medics
Most Improved Team: Homies with Extra Chromies
Best Dressed Team: whats our name
Best Caster: BigFellaGoose