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What is the format of ozfortress State v State 2020?

ozfortress State v State 2020 will be held over two nights, the 19th and 20th of January. The first night will be the group stages, featuring a swiss bracket with best-of-one games.

Will there be different divisions for ozfortress State V State 2020?

No. State v State has been designed to feature the top players from each state and will be a spectator-oriented event. We are working closely with TFLIVE to deliver a fun and enjoyable spectator event for all viewers. Staff, time and logistical limitations prevented us from running multiple divisions for ozfortress State V State 2020.

How many teams will there be for ozfortress State v State 2020?

We aim to have six teams for ozfortress State v State 2020. Pending availability of players, we are hoping to have teams representing VIC, NSW, WA, QLD, SA and one more additional Allies team comprised of players from the remaining states and territories as well as New Zealand.

How will teams be formed for ozfortress State v State 2020?

Players will submit their candidacy through the thread linked in the main announcement post. Admins will then assemble the best possible teams based on the players available. Teams will also have substitute players in the event that players are unavailable at the time of the event. After teams have been formed, captains for each team will be selected after discussion with the admin team and the players. We aim to have teams released several days to a week before the event commences, however we are unable to give an exact date.

What is the maximum amount of players per team?

In ozfortress State v State 2020, there will be 8 players allowed on the roster for each team.

How do I get the server?

Server strings will be distributed in the match details section of your match page. This will only be visible to the teams participating in the match.

How long is each round?

We allocate 45 minutes per round but we expect each round's game-time to be under 30 minutes.

How long can we pause for?

Pauses for this tournament must not last longer than 3 minutes. If there are any complications, contact your bracket's league administrator.

Will there be medals?

Unforunately, no.

Did ozfortress State v State 2020 replace the Midsummer Night's Cup?

No. We were never intending to run two Midsummer Night's Cups this offseason, State v State was conceived as a fun spectator event to generate hype for OZF 27.