Connor League Administrator

Congratulations Open winners the nutte sac


Logjam - 2 - 1
Snakewater - 5 - 0

Congratulations to the nutte sac on winning the OZF 26 Open Grand Final against Ascension.

The series opened with Logjam, the nutte sac's first pick after opting to ban Process. Every round with a score in this first map didn't last anymore than seven minutes, with the only round lasting longer than this resulting in a stalemate. After the nutte sac took the first round setting a relatively decent pace, Ascension responded with a slightly quicker time, bringing the map to 1 - 1 by the 15 minute mark. With both teams pushing the pace, the nutte sac responded with another similar time for the third round win on Logjam. Following this, the nutte sac opted to play more conservatively, parking the bus for the remainder of the map, knowing the pressure was on for Ascension to make a move. The first map closed with a 2 - 1 result in the favour of the nutte sac.

Sadly, the next and final map in the series was picked by Ascension, opting for a more traditional map which was Snakewater. Coming into this map, Ascension aimed to deliver a stronger performance on their map pick, however the nutte sac took the first mid win, forcing the round to a game of defence for Ascension, who despite all of their disadvantages during the next gruelling 13 minute round, managed to hold the first round for nearly half of the map time. With the nutte sac taking the round, they aimed to bring some momentum from their push into each new round, producing progressively quicker rounds than each round before, keeping Ascension off their feet and unable to respond. After the second round resulting in a four minute time, the spirits of Ascension's players seemed to dim, with each subsequent round being around two minutes long. After the mercy rule presented it self with the nutte sac winning the map 5 - 0, they took the series and became your ozfortress season 26 Open champions!

Thank you to all the players, support staff and patrons that helped make this season possible. We'll see you all again soon!


1st - the nutte sac
2nd - Ascension
3rd - bruh moment


Champions: the nutte sac
Best Demoman: <user>
Best Medic: inStinct
Best Pocket: SmokeyZeuz and jarry
Best Roamer: Tank Drop
Best Pocket Scout: fences
Best Flank Scout: lux
Best Utility: Solres

Most Improved Player: Izzy and SPEEDWAGON and Tohka
Most Valuable Player: fences

Friendliest Team: Science Class!
Most Improved Team: bruh moment
Best Dressed Team: Dino Squad
Best Caster: xander