obla Retired League Director

Over the past few weeks, leagues have been collecting feedback from polls or personal conversations (for Premier/Invite players) regarding potential Global Whitelist changes. With the collected opinions, administrators from around the globe came together and expressed their region/league’s opinion. The recent threads on teamfortress.tv as well as GentlemanJon’s survey results were also taken into account in our meeting.

The participating leagues in the meeting were ozfortress, ETF2L, ESEA and UGC. The core values of the original Global Whitelist which involved allowing weapons which did not have compelling reasons were retained.

Prior to the meeting, a preliminary list of the most contentious current weapons (see below) was compiled and the meeting was centred around that list. It was agreed that the meeting would be held in private, as the previous meeting in the TF.TV Discord amounted to essentially several hours of arguing resulting in whoever spoke the loudest having the greatest input. However, as we believe transparency to be essential when considering such changes, we have documented the discussions regarding each weapon on this thread.

Changes to Global Whitelist for OZF 19:


  • Vaccinator
  • Jarate

Cooperation and consistency between the leagues is a key factor in improving how competitive TF2 is played on a global scale. Your responses to the whitelist in the poll were critical to our decisions.

View the updated whitelist here.