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Congratulations Main winners twig Today


Logjam - 5 - 4 (GC)
Product - 3 - 0

Congratulations to twig Today at 4:20 PM @everyone im horny on winning the OZF 26 Main Grand Final against Auz Fanclub.

The first map was Logjam, the pick of twig Today. The first round saw Auz Fanclub push twig Today back to their last and attempt to push in. After several key picks, their push was successful and they claimed the first round in just over five minutes. Auz Fanclub were then able to take the next round in a dominating fashion, putting them 2 - 0 up on the map. twig Today were then able to snag two quick round of their own, tying the scores up at 2 - 2. The teams began trading round back and forth until the scores were tied at 4 - 4. With only three minutes left in the round, both teams tried to convert the map win however neither were successful, leaving the score at 4 - 0 and taking us to a Golden Cap. Due in part due to some huge damage from Bitler, the Golden Cap ebded up being a quick round for twig Today and they took the map 5 - 4. The Pocket Scouts were carrying on Logjam, with both maz and bann dropping 28 and 32 kills respectively.

After contesting twig Today on their map pick, Auz Fanclub were in a good position to take their own map pick and take us to a third map. They picked Product, a map rarely seen in playoffs. However despite these promising circumstances, the outcome of the map could not have been more different. twig Today quickly established why they were the top seed for the season and brutally dismantled Auz Fanclub. Every player on twig Today was firing on all cylinders and they were able to stun Auz Fanclub and take the map 3 - 0 in under 15 minutes, and with it the series 2 - 0. Both Bitler and K1ng dropped a huge 500+ DPM performance and had large roles in their team's convincing map win. With this win, twig Today became you ozfortress season 26 Main Champions!

Thank you to all the players, support staff and patrons that helped make this season possible. We'll see you all again soon!


1st - twig Today at 4:20 PM @everyone im horny
2nd - Auz Fanclub
3rd - Gnome Zone


Champions: twig Today at 4:20 PM @everyone im horny
Best Demoman: crybaby
Best Medic: sea anarchy
Best Pocket: Dragonfru
Best Roamer: a team of ants in their prime
Best Pocket Scout: rats0up and cooleverest
Best Flank Scout: Susu
Best Utility: cooleverest

Most Improved Player: Quack
Most Valuable Player: crybaby

Friendliest Team: Gnome Zone
Most Improved Team: twig Today at 4:20 PM @everyone im horny
Best Dressed Team: Gnome Zone and Auz Fanclub and twig Today
Best Caster: xander

thank you so much guys

best dressed uwu

susu best flank scout wack