ozfortress ban: lightning

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all those hours on spire wasted :(

Precious. wrote:

He will return when he is 14


this ban is relative to a quarter of his life so far.

my team will rape your team out of the season 26

lightningToday at 11:08 PM
hey u fucking jew why did i get banned u incel

coreToday at 11:11 PM
Hey lightning,

We would like to inform you that you have accrued a total of 90 ozfortress infraction points. As such, you have received a 2 year ban from all ozfortress properties, after which you will be on permanent probation.

lightningToday at 11:12 PM
omg u dumb cunt
i hope ur mum dies of cancer like how lexx's died
dumb nigger

if ozf goes through with this it will be losing one of its most valued and respected players or whatever the meme is

now this is what i like to see

rip the most badass 8-year-old squeaker lol