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Congratulations Open winners Cool Team Name Pending


Product - 3 - 1
Process - 2 - 3
Logjam - 3 - 1

Congratulations to Cool Team Name Pending on winning the OZF 25 Open Grand Final against the players that were left behind.

The first map of the series was Product, the pick of Cool Team Name Pending. Every round in the first map was a contested affair, with no rounds falling in under six minutes. Both teams traded opening rounds however after the scores were tied at 1 - 1 Cool Team Name Pending were able to pull away and take the next two rounds and the map 3 - 1. A huge performance from the duo of Greek and sloth proved to be the deciding factor as the pair were able to secure a total of 80 frags between them over the course of the first map!

The next map was Process, and the players that were left behind were looking to put up a stronger performance on their map pick. Things were looking good as they took the first round in dominating fashion, however the second round was a 12-minute barnburner. Ultimately Cool Team Name Pending were able to take the second round to tie us up at 1 - 1. Another brutally efficient round from the players that were left behind put them in the lead once more, however Cool Team Name Pending were able to answer back with another closer fought round. With the scores tied at 2 - 2 and only 2 minutes left on the clock, it was do or die for the players that were left behind. However some extrodinary teamplay and fragging allowed them to capture another round with just seconds to spare! They were able to take their map pick 3 - 2 and send us to a deciding map. The Scout combo of RRLUCKY and Exquizit were a force to be reckoned with on Process and were a huge driving force for their team's map win.

The last map was Logjam, and both teams were playing for the championship. Both teams were playing a slow-paced game in the early round of the map with scores being tied 1 - 1 after almost 20 minutes of gameplay. The third round proved to be crucial however as Cool Team Name Pending were able to take it in just under six minutes, putting the pressure on the players that were left behind to put more rounds on the board. the players that were left behind began to play a more aggressive style of TF2 in an attempt to catch the opposition off-guard, however Cool Team Name Pending were ready for this and were able to capitalise off of the players that were left behind's aggression and put two more quick round on the board. With no time remaining the map finished 3 - 1 and the series 2 - 1, crowning Cool Team Name Pending your ozfortress Season 25 Open Champions!

Thank you to all the players, support staff and patrons that helped make this season possible!


1st - Cool Team Name Pending
2nd - the players that were left behind
3rd - heykimber waiting room


Champions: Cool Team Name Pending
Best Demoman: Shlanky and <user>
Best Medic: Rockeyroad1415
Best Pocket Scout: Exquizit
Best Flank Scout: RRLUCKY
Best Utility: Exquizit and dillwax

Most Improved Player: Shlanky
Most Valuable Player: RRLUCKY

Friendliest Team: 8D Gang
Most Improved Team: bruh moment
Best Dressed Team: Dino Squad
Best Caster: xander