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Congratulations Intermediate winners ad hominem attack


Gullywash - 2 - 1
Prolands - 2 - 1 (GC)

Congratulations to ad hominem attack on winning the OZF 24 Intermediate Grand Final against Sergeant ( essence! ).

After tying in the regular season and trading maps in the Upper Page Playoffs this was definitely a match to pay attention to. The series began on Gullywash, picked by winner of the UPP ad hominem attack. After a back and forth affair ad hominem attack managed to kill Sergeant ( essence! )s Medic after an Uber exchange and push last with advantage to secure the first round. The second round was much the same, both teams teams on even Ubers but however Sergeant ( essence! ) managed to push last and bring the score to 1-1. The final round started off strong for Sergeant ( essence! ), managing to kill ad hominem attacks Medic at middle and keep theirs alive. The teams leap-froged Ubers a few times and traded points. Eventually ad hominem attack managed to push last and capture the last point with two minutes to spare. Sergeant ( essence! ) was unable to win the midfight and could not win the last round. Map one finished 2-1 to ad hominem attack.

The next map was Sergeant ( essence! )'s pick, Prolands with the new and improved last point. This map was a lot slower than the previous map. The first round was very back and fourth, both teams trading Uber and points. Sergeant ( essence! ) forced ad hominem attack and caused them to fall right back to last in fear of the incoming Uber. After a few trades the decision was made to send a Scout in for the point, despite the point being blocked Sergeant ( essence! )s Sniper killed the blocker which allowed their Scout to stay on the point with 4hp and capture the objective. The second mid went in the way of Sergeant ( essence! ) after they killed ad hominem attacks Medic. About a minute later Sergeant ( essence! ) dropped Uber which allowed ad hominem attack to push out of their last and capture both second and mid. After a series of Ubercarge leap-frogs Sergeant ( essence! ) managed to work their way back into pushing into ad hominem attacks last. Again Uber Sergeant ( essence! ) droped Uber and was forced to retreat. ad hominem attack managed to push Sergeant ( essence! ) back all the way, killing their med with each Uber push, allowing them to push into last after a few frags forcing a 3rd round. After winning mid Sergeant ( essence! ) took it all the way to last. After a few minutes their Medic was killed after an Uber trade and they were not able to win the final round. The map was tied 1-1 and went to Golden Cap.

ad hominem attack won the middle of the Golden Cap. A series of player trades came in for another 7 and a half minutes of stalemates at last. Eventually Sergeant ( essence! ) sent a Soldier behind and forced ad hominem attack causing them to retreat out of lobby. Sergeant ( essence! ) tried to push mid with advantage but were a bit too late, causing an unfavorable Uber trade at mid. The collapse can in and allowed ad hominem attack to push in to last capturing the point and winning the Golden Cap.

ad hominem attack won both maps 2 - 1 crowning them as the ozfortress Season 24 Intermediate champions!

Thank you to all the players and support staff that helped make this season possible! Stay tuned for Ultiduo!


1st - ad hominem attack
2nd - Sergeant ( essence! )
3rd - +ripe


Champions: ad hominem attack
Best Demoman: Bitvolt
Best Medic: Essence
Best Pocket: throwitup
Best Roamer: samson
Best Pocket Scout: Vanquish
Best Flank Scout: stigma
Best Utility: atten

Most Improved Player: ory
Most Valuable Player: Vanquish

Friendliest Team: Salt Free Gaming.
Most Improved Team: Panda Bears
Best Dressed Team: Panda Bears
Best Caster: xander


GG Team X, they played a solid season and deserved to take the win in the end.

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go bitvolt!!



gg fun season!

Zildjian wrote:

go bitvolt!!